MagicbandsAs guests get used to entering hotel rooms and booking their Fastpasses for the Walt Disney World attractions, Disney are about to unleash the power of Magibands that we haven’t all been waiting for, but will soon learn to adore!

Each of the rubberized wristbands has the capability to work really close up for things like shopping purchases (only if staying on Disney property at the moment), and reserving Fastpass+ tickets to the front of the line.  To make this kind of  thing happen, a Magicband must be touching or virtually touching Mickey Ear sensor pads in order for anything to happen.  This is perfect for security and there’s double safety when combined with the need to enter your personal pin code for anything important like a purchase.

When it comes to having fun however, it would be nicer if your Magicband could be detected a little further away  for less critical additions to your day.  Imagine if your Magicband automatically added your attraction images to your account whenever you rode Splash Mountain!  Or how about various features around the park, knowing your name and calling it out as you walked by?

From this week, that Magic will soon be coming to Walt Disney World as Disney add this functionality to the Memory Maker Photo Package which can be pre bought by guests to grab all of their vacation prints.

MyMagic+ TurnstilesPlease note that guests who choose to visit the parks with RFID cards instead of Magicbands will not benefit from this service.
Should guests choose to purchase a Magicband inside the parks for $12.95, Guest Services can link the Magicband to an existing park pass.