Recently, we reported that Disney lifted their gate prices by a few bucks, across their day pass, multi day and annual passes.
In itself, we’ve become rather used to an annual increase, yet the odd thing about this move, that added $4 to a day at the WDW parks, was that it was totally unexpected, and completely unannounced by Disney.

disney-diningSuch is the power of social media, that Disney decided instead to quietly lift their prices and see what happened.  Many sites, like ours noticed straight away and updated our systems and articles accordingly, but dozens of chattering blogs and sites possibly failed to notice.  In a game of percentages, even a little less bad press can be helpful to the bottom line.

This week, we realised that Disney again followed the ‘silent strategy’ as the media caught up with the fact that the ever popular Disney Dining Plan (DDP) had risen in cost by as much as 6%.
While most quests heading to Disney have already booked and reserved their DDPs for their upcoming vacations, the increase will tend to be noticed more by guests booking stays later on in Spring and Summer of this year.

Often heralded as an excellent value Dining package, offered exclusively to Disney Resort hotel guests, the DDP still looks good value, dependant of course upon you tastes and appetite.
The question is more importantly, are Disney likely to continue to make their most unpopular changes ‘under the cloak of darkness’?

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