The latest Disney profit news is in!  Would you be surprised to hear that they hit the Jackpot?

Disney has one and a half billion reasons to be happy this year, and that’s just for the first 3 months!  With $1.5bn profit in the first quarter of 2013, with the Parks Division said to have produced an incredible $383m alone between January and March.


The results might cause anger amongst those that might be finding their next trip a little more pricey than the last as gate price rises and much reduced resort accommodation discounts all work together to drive up the next family vacation budget.

The results though are much needed, with the corporation looking for a return on their $6bn spend on their vacation and resorts businesses.
New cruise ships don’t come cheap, nor in fact do huge projects like the Magic Kingdom’s  New Fantasyland or the mammoth Downtown Disney remodel (Disney Springs).

The increased profits, and inevitably the gate prices and restaurant checks, are going to turn off a proportion of guests, but many (like us) will keep paying we guess as we explore even more new experiences that the Disney dream makers throw in our path!
Walt was a great visionary, undeniably admired, but, to be fair, the tough businessmen that followed on are probably doing a great job all round, for park visitors, shareholders and Central Florida in general.  Hard to imagine where Orlando would be without those amazing profits!