Disney Lost Boys Parade

We generally tend to be a supportive little team of theme park fans at totalorlando.com but sometimes you kind of scratch your head in disbelief when the ‘pixie dust’ just doesn’t seem to glisten the same.

That moment came on Sunday morning as Disney whacked another, if somewhat ‘sneaky’ increase on Sunday.  Unannounced, unexpected and many would say unfair!

As unhappy fans react on forums and blogs, it seems that Disney are working hard to undo as much damage as possible.  Tuesday, they announced that guests buying 6 or more 4 day or higher tickets, will get an extra day free.
Hardly a realistic saving for most families that consist of 2 to 3 kids on average.

But their Blog post title almost seems like they care!

Families That Travel Together Can Add a Free Day With This New Special Offer

We think Disney need to slow down and think a little more!