In a month or two’s time the Magic Kingdom’s New Fantasyland will open the doors to yet another one of its much awaited attractions as the Princess Fairytale Hall comes on line.
As guests join the line, they can expect some long waits as Disney’s princess character greet finally comes on line.

A long line wait needs planning and preparation.  Toilet breaks, snacks and more, need to be considered before joining the line with young ones.
Keeping hydrated is one of the best ways to keep your energy levels up during a theme park assault, but that just got a few coins of change dearer this week at Disney World!

Other than bottled Dasani water, those theme park drinks just went up 10c this week, and almost across the board at the quick service and snack kiosks.
The Disney drinks price increases were highest for the fresh orange juice, taking that from $3.59 to $3.79 a bottle.

A quick look at the Disney Price Increases for quick service & snack drinks

  • $2.69 (up 10c) Regular Soda
  • $3.19 (up 10c) Large Soda
  • $3.79 (up 20c) Fresh Orange Juice
  • $2.29 (up 10c) Tea & Coffee
  • $2.50 (same)   Bottled Dasani

The prices have gone up by a few percent, which to be fair to Disney isn’t an unreasonable amount in terms of inflation, meaning of course that we can expect the prices to go up next year at some point as well.

TaurusThe disappointing note is that Disney’s ‘fresh’ Minute Maid Orange Juice is so costly at a time when kid’s health is declining at alarming rates.
Disney’s healthiest beverage is by far the most expensive.
With a 12oz bottle of Disney OJ at $3.79 we worked out that to fill the gas tank of a Ford Taurus with Disney OJ would cost a whopping $800 + tax

Now we aren’t quite sure why you would do this just yet, as the technology hasn’t been quite perfected, but it does kind of put things in perspective a little.
Come on Disney, we are ok with fair price increases, but we do expect a bit of responsibility and encouragement towards healthy eating.

Read our medical expert’s advice about keeping hydrated in the theme parks!

Just another fun fact about Disney drinks!
To fill an Olympic sized swimming pool with bottles of $2.50 Dasani water from Disney, the final bill would leave you with about $1500 change from a cool $11m !
I don’t think many people would swim in it though, it would be freezing straight from the ice-cart!