IMG_7548 IMG_7549Over the last few years, Walt Disney World has steadily and consistently aimed for a broader and richer experience for its guests.  The entertainment giant is widely expected to be adding a Frozen ride to Epcot in addition to yet to be disclosed additions that will replace the Studios Backlot Tour at Hollywood Studios.
With Avatar and a rumored Star Wars Land too, Disney are in the midst of unprecedented investments inside its parks division.

As we all know, it’s the ‘little things’ that makes Disney so magical, and more of that is on its way too.  We’ve already seen ‘Glow With The Show‘ ears that sync to the lights and sounds of the major night time shows, and also RFID technology that lets you pay for, reserve and enjoy more fun!

And so to the humble Liberty tree Tavern.  A bastion of nostalgia and good (for theme parks) food!  But from June 6th 2015 right through until November 20th 2015, this quaint New England style ‘All You Care To Eat’ restaurant will be scrimmed off from view as a major refurbishment takes place.
The purpose is unclear, and we are not the only ones wondering why such a lengthy closure is in the pipeline for a table service restaurant! refers to a number of forum posts that suggest some major dining experience is on its way.
We can’t help but wildly speculate that some sort of table service Jungle Cruise themed restuarant would be a nice touch for Adventureland (The Liberty tree Tavern Backs on to Adventureland’s Verandah), but, at the very least, a character dining experience of some description.

Anyway, enough rumour spreading!  We must await Disney’s announcement and details at some point this summer.

Whatever actually happens, we can be sure that Disney’s passion for magic and atmosphere will play a huge role in the future of what is currently the Liberty Tree Tavern!