Vinylmation PlaymationDisney have recently registered Playmation as a trademark for a hugely diverse range of products including toiletries, fragrances, jewelry, clocks, coins, watch bands, backpacks, luggage, books, party bags, shopping bags, kitchenware, household goods, linen, tableware, clothing, footwear, electrical goods, media players, toys, games, sporting goods aand much more.

So what might Playmation be?

Luxury Orlando Vacation HomesWell, one of the applications also includes the use of the Playmation trademark for use with RFID and cloud based technology.
If that sounds familiar, you’d be right.  The MyMagic+ Magicbands use the very same RFID chips to help guests communicate with Disney Park and Resort services in Walt Disney World.

Although the purpose of Playmation isn’t necessarily linked to the parks and resorts just yet, the brand definitely offers scope for Disney to do just that in time to come.
Being able to merge ‘off park’ and ‘on park’ experiences has been a long term goal as Disney seeks ways to benefit from its media and parks businesses.

For kids to ‘personalise’ their play within the home and the Disney parks would provide a very unique Disney experience with vast amounts of revenue potential for Disney.
While precise details of how or what Playmation will actually end up being, it wouldn’t be crazy to jump to conclusions and guess that Playmation extends the Vinylamation concept with an RFID functionality that provides extended gameplay and interactions with other similar devices and media devices.

While the Playmation name is brand new, the Vinylmation brand is very familiar to park guests and Disney store shoppers, although it is unclear as to whether the brands are at all linked.

We will bring more on this exclusive story as soon as possible!


Excerpt from the Disney Playmation Trademark application

IC 042. US 100 101. G & S: Providing temporary use of on-line non-downloadable cloud computing software for facilitating interactivity among consumer products containing RFID tags and computer chips; computer services, namely, cloud hosting provider services