Cars Land or Disney Planes?  Which fits the Hollywood Studios Rumour Best?

Planes_FilmPosterThe theme park rumour engine has been has been chugging on about Cars heading to Hollywood Studios for some time now, thanks in part to the hugely popular Disneyland attraction area on the west coast.

We ourselves have recently rumoured this great kids attraction to boost the appeal of what is Disney’s least popular theme park.

With a distinct lack of space to replicate the Disneyland California attraction, and expectations for ‘nothing less’, the Disney Imagineers have a huge opportunity to beat expectations in a huge way thanks to this summer’s release of Pixar’s Planes, inspired of course by Cars.

It makes sense in every way!  (If you have a buzzing imagination as  crazy as ours!)
The advantages of going down the ‘Planes’ route are huge;

  • Imagineers not limited to Disneyland’s Cars format 
  • Free to develop new attractions that ‘fit’ into Hollywood Studios
  • Promotes the Planes brand prominently within the parks

Could Disney Planes Land come to Disney’s Hollywood Studios?

Luxury Orlando Vacation HomesBased upon no evidence at all, we offer our very own idea of what would be a great attraction to boost Hollywood Studios for families with kids.
In reality, there’s no other mention out there yet that backs up our crazy idea, that hopefully might end up being a fantastic reality!

If you want to be a little more realistic and read our Hollywood Studios Cars Land article, there’s a much higher chance of that being the new attraction that heads to Walt Disney World!