Disney Parking Tram

 $17 a day to park at Walt Disney World from March 30th 2014 – (confirmed)

The next time you walk away from your car and board one of Disney’s legendary Trams, you will be $17 lighter if rumours that Disney are raising parking prices from today by $2 are correct.

With immediate effect, as of Sunday March 30th, regular park guests will be surprised to learn that the car they parked on Saturday for $15 will now be a few dollars more.

The park operator has recently taken on board a more stealthy approach to various pricing increases, with various raises going through the tills without notice of any kind.
It was only February 23rd of 2014 that Disney added $4 to a regular day pass and added varying amounts to multi-day and annual passes, again without any warning whatsoever.
Around the same time, Disney Dining Plan costs also increased in silence.

The reason for the price increases is fairly easy to understand, as the Orlando parks in general brace theme selves for some headline attractions opening over the Spring and Summer of 2014.  If ever there was a good time to lift prices, it would be when parks are onto a sure winner when guest numbers are concerned.
Equally, both Universal and Disney are battling it out hard to ensure that more an more guests take out annual passes (with free parking) or book into a theme park owned resort and use the complimentary parking and transportation.

Why Disney are choosing to raise prices beneath the hours of darkness without warning is a little less easy to work out.
On one hand, less publicity means less chatter.
On the other hand, less publicity, may gradually build a feeling of badwill amongst guests.
How must it feel to park one day for $15, then face an unexpected price hike of 13% for the duration of your stay?

For a business that is renowned for outstanding customer service, overnight cost increases like this, without any warning whatsoever, may certainly be seen by some guests as an abuse of trust.
However, many who know and love Disney well, will know that $2 extra is still worth it.  In fact, the $2 extra is worth paying just for the tram ride from the parking lot into the main gates.

We fall somewhere in between opinions.  Yes, it is worth $17 to park your car, considering the ease at which you can get into the resorts, park quickly, leave your car in safety, head into the park with minimal waits and return home effortlessly at the end of the day.
Add to that, the rumours that Disney are considering a huge overhaul of the transportation system inside WDW, you begin to realise that $17 a day for all of that complimentary service just isn’t a bad deal at all in real terms.

Our sadness is however, that this all comes at a time when some guests are already sensing that the focus is swinging more towards cash than ever before.
If that keeps going, the Magic will definitely wear off in places, particularly for those ‘once in a lifetime’ guests that have long dreamed of taking their families to Disney for just a few days.

As it stands, when you weigh up all of the costs, as each and every year goes by, a family of four can probably add an ongoing annual increase of a few hundred bucks to their mini vacation’s saving target!   These ‘few dollar’ increases are really starting to pile up!


The last parking price increase took place in June 2013 as prices rose from $14 to $15 a day.