A cool Margarita, a refreshing beer or a smooth glass of red wine with your evening meal, all now require official forms of ID upon request to ensure that guests are over the age of 21.

According to Disney this rule applies to all guests that appear under 30 years of age and reflects common practice in most American States.

Forms of ID that Disney may accept (please note that other establishments may vary)

  • US Driver’s Licence
  • State issued ID card
  • US Military ID
  • A Passport
  • A Passport Photocopy with supporting Photo ID (Driver’s Licence with birth date)

Non US guests should note that their home driver’s licence alone is not sufficient and they must also present at least a photocopy of their passport as well.

For UK Guests and other non US Residents, you must carry your photo drivers licence and a photocopy of your passport to all WDW restaurants and kiosks if you wish to purchase alcohol!

Although we are speculating, we can only assume that Disney’s procedures have been reviewed by their legal team and they and through the new Disney ID Policy their insurers have sought tougher safeguards for their company and employees.

Our Opinion about the new Disney Alcohol ID Policy

We welcome all steps that ensure guests remain safe and within the law on vacation.
The new ID requirements shouldn’t cause US guests problems on vacation.
Non US visitors might have difficulty in providing a second form of ID to back up their home country driving licences.

Sure, an alternative photocopy keeps the original safely tucked up in the room safe, but we suspect that some guests will arrive at Disney without a clue of this rule when they next go on vacation.
Expect a lot of non Disney hotel front desks to cash in on photocopying services!