We were always confused why Disney hadn’t appeared to be embracing the age of the internet, but now they’ve caught up in a big way thanks to their very usable ‘My Disney Vacation’ planning service.

Book, Explore and Discover using the comprehensive My Disney Vacation portal.

What is My Disney Experience?

My Disney ExperienceA phrase we hate to see and is much overused is ‘One Stop Shop’, but in the case of Disney, they really appear to have deserved that title for their ‘My Disney Vacation’ online service.
The planning centre is fairly comprehensive, and at long last offers a nice central point for much of that information that you’d need as you plan for, or are in the middle of a vacation or visit to Walt Disney World.
Some of the online feature of My Disney Vacation (As of April 2013)
  1. Customised Park Maps
  2. A Moms Panel (Forum)
  3. Order A Free Planning DVD
  4. Reserve Dining
  5. Check out Park Opening Hours (6 months ahead)
  6. See which attractions closures are planned
  7. Print Park Maps (Not the detailed version you get in park!)
  8. A central point for Guest Services Info
  9. Links to limited event schedules in each park
  10. Links to Vacation Packages such as the Disney Dining Plan

Is the ‘My Disney Experience’ service free?

Yes, the use of the service is free.  Reservations and bookings may require card payments.

Do I need login details for My Disney Experience?

Most of the functions are accessible to users without logging in.  Any reservations and bookings would require the login by a Disney World registered account holder.
New registration is quick and easy.

Where can I Find the ‘My Disney Experience’ Page?

To visit Disney World’s official ‘My Disney Vacation‘ site click here…

Editor’s Opinion

Firstly, this is a great step forward for Disney.  Long overdue, but, let’s be grateful it’s here!
Walt Disney World’s site is huge and the business is complex, offering a vast amount of info and services, but pulling it all together has been inexcusably late.
A few disappointments with the My Disney Experience service remain but we expect those to get ironed out before the complete launch in late 2013 or early 2014.
Our biggest concern right now is that purchase made via the MagicBand can not be seen on the App, making this a very dangerous program for guests on a tight budget.
Disney will need to do more on that to win us over!