Magic Kingdom’s Frozen Princess Character Greet Needs An Early Start!

Wow!  Very unexpectedly, we see a vaguely familiar ‘Fastpass style’ paper ticket introduced this week, for headline grabbing Anna & Elsa character greets.
In addition, rumours are also circling that Soarin might also receive a similar treatment!

Despite a whopping $1bn plus investment into online data and Magicbands, it seems that good old fashioned technology might be the answer to 6 hour long line waits to meet the Frozen princess and queen at the Magic Kingdom this summer.

Guests are still able to book a Fastpass+ to meet Anna & Elsa by visiting park kiosks, or using the online and App versions of My Disney Experience.
The paper option, complete with an allocated return time to enter the Standby line, is designed to help regular park guests to avoid lengthy line waits.
Interestingly, Disney have effectively done away with a regular standby line for the lovely Frozen ladies inside the Princess Fairytale Hall.  If you are prepared to wait for hours on end, you simply can’t any longer!

From early morning, once the initial line fills up with standby guests, that’s it.
You will not be allowed to join the standby line at all that day unless you’ve received a “Return Invitation’ for a set time.
Disney will only issue 80 ‘Return Invitations’ per hour, in order to keep line waits to more tolerable levels.
As soon as the day’s tickets are issued, that’s it.  No more opportunity to meet and greet with Anna & Elsa that day, unless you’ve got a Fastpass+ reservation.


Why are Disney adopting paper return passes for Anna & Elsa?

Two reasons are most likely.  One, is that Disney have no desire to hold guest for hours on end in the heat of Orlando.  While they are there, guests aren’t eating, shopping and having fun!

Secondly, the pulling power of Anna & Elsa provides additional leverage to encourage guests to usie MyMagic+ to plan their visits to Walt Disney World.
Fastpass+ is after all, the best way to guarantee meeting Anna & Elsa at the Magic Kingdom.

Some comments on social media express concern that Disney will adopt this more and more, but our thoughts are that paper tickets are the last thing Disney were expecting to provide WDW guests.
Right now, Disney are only experimenting with this new system to manage an isolated ‘hotspot’ within the Magic Kingdom, and if it works, that may be of interest for other high demand events as and when needed.
We can be pretty sure though, that the Disney Tech team is working very swiftly towards a MyMagic+ App feature that pretty much mimics this ‘old style Fastpass’ for Anna & Elsa character greets.

Our Tips about meeting Anna & Elsa

  1. Book a Fastpass+ to meet Anna & Elsa at the Magic Kingdom in advance of your visit (you can book up to 30 days ahead (60 days if staying in a Disney hotel) if you have ordered your tickets, Magicbands and you’ve created your MyMagic+ account).
  2. If you only bought paper tickets and just be showing up at the parks, you can still book a Fastpass+ inside the parks, but availability will probably be very scarce to meet Anna & Elsa this way.
  3. If you can’t get a Fastpass+, don’t despair!  If you get into the parks for park opening, you may be able to either walk into the much shorter line wait area, or, be able to grab a ‘Return Time’ to meet Anna & Elsa at a specific time with a minimal wait.
  4. If that fails, then still don’t despair!  You can always head over to Hollywood Studios this summer at least and catch them in the parade, along with much, much more in the Seasonal Frozen Summer Fun event.

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