Rip Ride Rockit Universal

How busy will the Rip Ride Rockit become when Diagon Alley opens?

With less than a month to go before Diagon Alley is due to open at Universal Studios, we can’t help wonder how Universal Studios will cope under the strain of an immediate increase in crowd levels.
The sheer size and irresistible nature of the Diagon Alley area is going to mark the end of a leisurely stroll around what was once the most sedate of the ‘Big Six’ Orlando theme parks.  With the latest theme park attendance figures just out, we are already predicting a shift in the long standing rankings that have left Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios in 5th and 6th spots respectively.

If Universal manage crowds well, Diagon Alley will draw huge guest numbers from around the world, if they get it wrong, it could mean that the traditional Universal guests become ousted by the crowds, leaving them to ‘go elsewhere’.

Disney and SeaWorld will be banking on just that no doubt, but Universal will adapt and change rapidly to accommodate the new growth, particularly as they hope to see a much higher percentage of guests staying in their four on site properties, that will benefit from earlier park access than regular guests.
We wouldn’t say for one minute that Universal won’t care about those ‘legacy guests’ that came to Universal from a Disney heavy itinerary, but Universal will definitely be making it as easy and as beneficial as possible to sleep on site.  The huge Cabana Bay Beach Resort is testament to that!

The thing that Universal have as an ‘ace’ is that Diagon Alley is literally, a ‘park within a park’.  Sure its location is firmly routed inside Universal Studios, but once inside, guests still have to take a free admission ticket to be able to enter Diagon Alley.  (call it a Fastpass and you are nearer the mark than an Express Pass!).
Universal are currently testing the ticket dispenser that are located between the Men in Black and Fear Factor Live attractions.

To enter Diagon Alley, it looks highly likely that you are going to have to use your admission pass to return at a specific time to enter the mini London themed attraction area.
If you are wondering why the Diagon Alley ticket machines are here, then perhaps think seriously about the possibility Fear Factor Live disappearing very soon to become an additional area of Diagon Alley.  Just a rumour, but more than possible!

It’s also going to be interesting to see how Universal encourage guests to LEAVE the trackside after riding the Hogwart’s Express!   What family wouldn’t love to stop and take a snap for keepsake!
Universal won’t have come all this way without thinking of these final details, and we just can’t wait to see it in action!