There’s a whole new Wizarding World that everyone just can’t wait to experience at Universal Florida!


Put the 23rd of January in your diary if you want to be one of the very first to hear the exciting news about the upcoming Diagon Alley development at Universal Studios Orlando.
Of course, Universal has thought of everything, especially for forgetful Muggles like ourselves at!

If you can’t trust yourselves to remember the date, then register with Universal for updates about the Wizarding World of Harry Potter to your cell phone or email address!

The Diagon Alley Webcast promises to bring a little more information about the new Harry Potter area that links the current Universal Studios park to the Hogsmeade area of Islands of Adventure.  From past experience however, Universal are often quite cryptic, and give out very little, if any important information leading up to grand openings.
Hopefully, the webcast will be a refreshing change!


The Webcast on January 23rd precedes a special ‘A Celebration of Harry Potter‘ event that runs January 24th/25th/26th 2014 and features lots of special events and activities including cast ‘meet and greet’ opportunities.