Webcast #1 June 18th 8pm – 9pm EST (1am BST London) Video Above
The Diagon Alley Red Carpet Event

If you couldn’t make it in time for the USA webcast at 8pm last night, (1am in the UK), here we have two quite lengthy montage of movie scenes, interviews with cast, talks by the Universal creative team and more.

At 50 minutes and 20 minutes long, we think it’s a little bit over done if you are just after theme park facts about Diagon Alley, but if you are a dedicated Harry Potter fan, you will love every single minute!


Webcast #2 June 19th 12pm – 12:15pm EST (5pm BST London) Video Above
All Aboard the Hogwarts Express with Oliver and James Phelps
Read our blog review of this webcast 

The Hogwarts Express looks stunningly realistic, and the video screen ‘windows’ of the railway carriages make the journey through the backlot areas of Universal Studios a very pleasant and realistic journey!


Webcast #3 June 20th 12pm – 12:30pm EST (5pm BST London) Video Above
Behind the Bricks Tour of Diagon Alley with Tom Felton & Matthew Lewis

Take a tour with Tom & Matthew behind the scenes of Diagon Alley.
Take an inside look at the stores and get up close to some of the great Harry Potter themed merchandize.  Don’t miss the fire breathing dragon!

If you want to know more about Diagon Alley’s soft opening estimates, click here!