Universal Orlando Resort revealed the exciting details behind the unique entertainment experiences that will debut as part of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Diagon Alley.


Luxury Orlando Vacation HomesJudging by this picture of a Gringotts Goblin checking his diary, Universal appear to be struggling to find a day free for the opening date of their hotly anticipated Diagon Alley project.
Still maintaining an official opening date of ‘Summer 2014’, Universal continue to keep any further clues completely concealed under their ‘invisibility cloak’.

As we mention in our ‘guess the Diagon Alley opening date‘ blog post; Summer to most Harry potter enthusiasts will almost certainly come to an effective end when school returns in mid August.
Our suspicions are, that if things run that late, Universal’s creative team will be ceremonially impaled on a Unicorn horn and demoted to a career of loading and unloading guests for the Kang & Kodos Twirl & Hurl ride as punishment.

Universal are notoriously secretive about all that they do, which may help remove pressure from their creative department.
If Universal are going to honor those June 29th vacation packages that include special access to Diagon Alley, it is very safe to assume that most, if not all of the area will be in operation in ‘soft opening’ form by Friday the 20th of June.
This works out nicely with the recordings of the Tonight Show that take place from June 16th through 19th.
It is of course worth noting that the Today Show is predominantly recorded during the daytime for broadcast that same evening.
This means of course that Universal are clearly expecting to have something to show the audience in final detail.

Whether that Tonight Show detail includes the sophisticated and rather upscale entertainment that Universal announced yesterday remains to be seen, but our guess is yes.  Nothing would make a great TV impression as much as the live performance announced this week in the Universal Parks Blog.
Special upscale shows will bring the Tales of Beedle the Bard to life, including fables; “The Fountain of Fair Fortune” and “The Tale of the Three Brothers” in Carkitt Market.

The word Carkitt, refers to an inoffensive and humourous English slang for ‘death’.
“He carked it last night”

The stage show is without doubt set to be something special, and has been conjured up by Emmy-award-winning designer Michael Curry. (2010 Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony and the 2012 Super Bowl half time event)
Expect nothing less than spectacular for this special event!

A musical performance will also include The Singing Sorceress: Celestina Warbeck and the Banshees.  Song titles created by JK Rowling, but until now never performed, will include “A Cauldron Full Of Hot, Strong Love,” “You Stole My Cauldron But You Can’t Have My Heart” and “You Charmed The Heart Right Out Of Me”.
Again, we can expect Universal to try and come up with something great, and most importantly, that can hopefully act as signature themes for Diagon Alley for many years to come.

The Knight Bus is going to be a huge photo opportunity for guests, and rather like the Hogwarts Express photo opportunity and character greet over in Hogsmeade, looks set to become an iconic feature of Universal Studios.

Universal are also revealing for the first time, that Wizarding Bank Notes, obtainable from the Gringotts Money Exchange will be available to spend freely within Diagon Alley, Hogsmeade and the wider shops and snack areas around Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure.

No Date for Diagon Alley just yet, but lots and lots to look forward to!


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