New Official Preview Video of the Weasleys at Diagon Alley

 The ‘Leaked Version from Yesterday’


James Oliver Bonnie Weasley

We guess you might have already red about the Weasley’s surprise visit to preview areas of Diagon Alley yesterday as they ‘took over’ the Universal Instagram account.

While theme park fans are literally going nuts for more information about the official opening date, Universal remain as silent as humanly possible and almost as if a magic spell has been been cast over the entire Public Relations department 😉

One thing that yesterday’s Instagram / Weasley family tie up did confirm, is that Universal are at least in shouting distance of an opening event.  To be able to take celebrities around the area without construction clothing and hard hats, is for any project like this, a major milestone.
Some overhead work to secure the remaining dragon wing is probably the only thing that is preventing Universal from removing the construction boards.

Sure, final tweaks and details are being sorted, and Team Member training is still required, but it really is getting that close now.

What happens next in Diagon Alley is anyone’s guess, but for practical reasons, Universal will no doubt be frantically working towards their June 29th commitment to provide access to Diagon Alley to guests that are booking special packages.  Right now, that is the only real date in the diary that affects guests,
We are aware of press events and TV shows that run from June 16th onwards, so tell tale signs are all heading towards soft openings in June and we strongly suspect a full opening in time for July 4th celebrations.

Luxury Orlando Vacation HomesAs for any further clues from Universal, we didn’t hear anything yesterday as the rumour mill had predicted, but we can’t help wonder if Universal will use their 24th birthday which falls on Saturday 7th of June, to make a big revelation.
Saturdays aren’t great days for Press Releases, but hey, the Universal team has had it easy for a while, so we are sure they won’t mind covering a shift this weekend!

Read our revised Diagon Alley opening date article for the latest estimates!

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