Diagon Alley Official Opening Date

We raise our hat to Universal for putting guest satisfaction first!

At long last, Universal Orlando announce the opening date for Diagon Alley.
Today, Universal president Bill Davis announced that the second of the Wizarding Worlds of Harry Potter will officially strike up the magic from July 8th 2014.

Many had predicted that the opening would take place much earlier than the Independence Day weekend, and we think that we are the most accurate forecasters of the Diagon Allley opening date, despite the 4 day shift that we’d not expected.
Earlier this month we also predicted that Diagon Alley crowd levels may be a big issue during the first few months of opening at the very least.

Despite sticking to an official line of ‘Opens Summer 2014’, we firmly believe that Universal had originally intended for Diagon Alley to be well and truly opened in time for the very important Independence Day Holiday.
A few minor construction delays may have caused a slight slippage, but Universal appear to have been keen to avoid opening right on the July 4th holiday weekend.
It’s only our opinion of course, but choosing an already busy time to launch their biggest and most publicly monitored theme park project, just wasn’t worth the risk.

What we do know however, is that even avoiding the July 4th weekend, we can expect line waits of 8 hours just to get into Diagon Alley if the Islands of Adventure Hogsmeade was anything to go by.
This time, Universal have installed a kind of ‘Fastpass’ system to offer guests a ‘return time’ to get into Diagon Alley.

Some lucky Universal Resort guests managed to book special packages, and for enthusiasm, Universal will reward them with full access to Diagon Alley, commencing June 29th.

Predicting ‘soft opening dates for Diagon Alley will be an even tougher task than the actual official opening date, but we do have a special page dedicated to this right here!
Estimate for Diagon Alley soft opening dates blog post.

So, for that, Universal definitely takes the lead in our ‘Theme Park Customer Care’ award for 2014 so far.  They’ve put guest satisfaction before their profits, and we are kind of grateful for that.  Good luck Universal, this is going to be an amazing adventure!