After well over a year of rumours the tightly sealed lips of the Universal PR team finally reveal what we already decided was the truth!  A brand new Harry potter land is arriving at the Universal Studios theme park next year called Diagon Alley!
Admittedly this news isn’t a shock for the many die hard fans that follow blogs, forums and websites like ours, but at least now the official release can get the big marketing machine in operation, in time for people to book accommodation and flights to Orlando!
Such is the importance and lure, that this phenomenal fictional series has created, that people will travel the globe, just for this specific attraction!

The Islands of Adventure installation has been a huge success, and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter has done wonders for Universal’s fortunes, and dare we say their rivals down the road at Walt Disney World, that have happily cashed in on the boosted visitor numbers in the region!

Diagon Alley Announcement