Interactive Diagon Alley

Take a quick look at the new Universal Interactive tour of Diagon Alley!

Drift around the full Diagon Alley area to explore acts and sites of the exciting new Wizarding World of Harry Potter that is set to open on July 8th 2014.

The user can choose between Hogsmeade or Diagon Alley in a 3D computerized world for snippets of video, real scenes and talks by the Diagon Alley creators, including Thierry Coup, Universal’s very proud leader of the Diagon Alley design team.

The interactive experience is very cool, and there’s tons of information and visual effects that we ourselves are still exploring, so why not try and beat us to it!
Sure the app could be smoother and a little speedier, but it really is an amazing way to explore Diagon Alley if you don’t mind chilling out a little and being a tiny bit more patient than we are often used to being online!

To find out more, just visit the Wizarding World Interactive Tour right here!

PS Anyone love the Humour of JK Rowling?  The Knight Bus licence plate (registration number in the UK) is;

OLD 717

If you need further help with the joke, then substitute the 7s for Ts!

Some further background on UK Vehicle Number plates:
For decades, personalized car number plates have fascinated the British.
By using a mixture of letters a numbers, owners can have fun by buying a special licence plate that either suits a personality or sense of humour.
Some great examples were;

  1. S8RRY – Owned by Robbie Williams to say he was sorry to fans
  2. 1 ANN – Owned by Princess Anne
  3. MAG1C – Owned by UK Magician Paul Daniels
  4. H41RDO – Owned by Celeb Hairstylist Nicky Clarke
  5. BOX111G – Owned by Amir Khan WBA Lightweight Champ