Luxury Orlando Vacation HomesFor some time, Universal have been very tight lipped about their planned launch of the brilliant new Diagon Alley area at Universal Studios Orlando.
The brand new Harry Potter themed area was always anambitious project and many observers have long wondered about Universal’s claims that it would be complete by ‘Summer 2014’.

As a number of construction problems have arisen of late (as any large scale project can expect), observers have recognised that Diagon Alley was ‘going to open later than expected’.

To be fair to Universal, if you turn to science to ‘split hairs’, their ‘Summer’ gives them a window that could reach as far as August 31st if you are a meteorologist, or September 22nd if you are an astronomer.
As far as vacationers are concerned, June is the first month of summer and that’s when they start spending their hard earned summer vacation dollars at the parks.
There’s no doubt about it, that common perceptions, both inside and outside of the Universal board room would almost certainly be that Diagon Alley would soft open some time in June.
Cast your mind back to the launch of Hogsmeade in Islands of Adventure and soft openings took place on June 1st with an official launch on June 18th.
Opening a huge theme park investment such as the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at that time of year is no ‘lucky coincidence’!

Advice to Harry Potter fans travelling to Universal Studios

First of all, please bear in mind, that Universal are not actually late.
While they may have experienced a few issues, they have never offered anything other than ‘Opens Summer 2014’.
If you are a regular family looking for a great vacation, don’t change your arrangements at all as there is a massive amount of new attractions and theme park features for you to enjoy.  Although Diagon Alley is going to be wonderful, it’s not something that you could justify making changes to your annual vacation over!

If however, you are planning to visit Universal’s new Diagon Alley as the main part of your vacation, we would agree with the Orlando Informer website, that Diagon Alley may open in a broad window that is as wide as Mid June through late July.
Although those dates are also unofficial, and who knows what may add to further delays, or for that matter improvements, we would definitely advise waiting until September if your only reason to travel to Orlando is to visit Diagon Alley.

For most of us though, there’s plenty of reason to keep to our plans!
Here’s just a brief run down of some of the major changes that the parks have made over the last few years!

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Busch Gardens

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