Instagram Darth Vader SelfieWhen Disney bought the Star Wars rights in the fall of 2012, all theme park fans knew that something fun and exciting would head our way.  So far, we are left still waiting.  No official releases yet point to anything much more than rumors.  A few speculations buzzed after Disney’s D23 fan expo hinted at project codenamed ‘Orange Harvest’ but little else of any importance has emerged.

While Disney have been rather slow out of the gate regarding social media (the official Disney Parks Blog only launched in 2009) they are at last under way it seems!
This week their Star Wars Instagram account appeared, and their very first picture was a ‘Selfie’ of Darth Vader, no less.

The legendary warrior of ‘the dark side’ joins a growing cult of ‘selfie’ fans that now very much dominate the social media networks with mainly mobile phone self portraits.

Although self portraits reach back as far as 1914, making the more modern versions, an unbelievable Century old next year!
The modern interpretation is of course much younger, but fans might still be surprised that the term ‘selfie’ was first used on an Australian internet forum as far back as 2002.
Of course the social media fans of today have only just recently elevated the genre to cult status since the advent of the ever popular social media services such as Myspace, Flickr and Facebook since the advent of ‘front facing’ cell phone cameras.
Interestingly enough, take a look at Lord Vader’s photograph, which appears to show him taking his ‘selfie’ using the front camera.  Clearly the ‘evil one’ doesn’t even need to see his image on the live screen as he presses the shoot button!

The StarWars Instagram site arrives a little later than many, but, as the saying goes, better late than never!

Just a few points of interest:

  • The word ‘selfie’ was added to the Oxford English dictionary in November 2013
  • The OED named ‘selfie’ as the word of the year
  • In 2012, Time Magazine named ‘selfie’ as a top 10 Buzzword
  • Instagram has over 150 million registered users
  • 55 Million images are posted in a typical day
  • The service has only been in operation since October 6th 2010
  • Originally created by Mike Krieger and Kevin Synstrom
  • Now owned by Facebook after paying $1bn in April 2012