Luxury Orlando Vacation HomesI thought we’d let you know a little bit about the D23 sign up process!
We love D23 and really recommend you join for lots of info about Disney in general.
With great news about merchandise, theme parks, special events and more, this really is a great community to be a part of! We are fans of the D23 fan club!

It was however, brought to our attention by one of our readers that the D23 sign up process is truly awful, so we thought we’d try for ourselves to see if it really was as bad as she said!

As people that rely upon IT we thought we’d prove to our reader that we could zip through the process without a hitch, but as you can see, we were confused to say the least and the process wasn’t exactly swift!

Here’s our step by step account of Joining D23!

  1. 11:17am Visit and hit ‘Join D23 Free’ Button
  2. 11:20am After clicking around on the membership page for a while, find the thin text link to ‘D23 Free Membership: New>’
  3. The link took me to the Disney Store Page
  4. Registered as a Disney Store member and added the Free D23 Membership & checkout
  5. System won’t let me apply a UK Phone (Country was selected as UK)
  6. 11:30 added our US phone number and completed the ‘order’
  7. No email confrimation recieved at that time
  8. No instructions provided what to do next
  9. 11:32 went back to D23 login area
  10. Clicking the Join D23 link took me back to here then the Disney Store
  11. Decided to click the Log In button here without entering any details
  12. An error box pops up inviting me to Register for
  13. A promising form appears and I enter my details
  14. I copy and paste my D23 Member Number into the form with my details
  15. 11:40 Get an ‘Uh-Oh!’ message. Apparently my member ID does not match name
  16. We are still waiting for an email from the Disney Store confirming our purchase
  17. 12:40 We received our email confirmation from the Disney Store
  18. 12:55 After several attempts to log in, we still receive a member ID error
  19. 12:56 Sent email to the account support team
  20. 18:00 Still can’t log in “Member ID does not match First and Last Name”
  21. 18:13 Customer services replied stating that the names were already registered.
    We confirmed to them that this wasn’t the case.
    They suggested that we use the lost password feature, however an error stated that our email address did not match the membership number
    (even though both were clearly stated on the Disney Store confirmation email and copied and pasted for accuracy into the register forms!)
  22. Day 2 A 2nd Email from Customer Services advises that an activation period of 24hrs to 48hrs is usually required before the membership is activated.
  23. On Day 4, we finally received an email confirming our login details after complaining!


Why is the D23 Sign Up process such a problem?

We think that there are a few problems really:

First, the thin text links on the Disney Store D23 page aren’t very clear and take some tracking down on the very large and graphic heavy page.

Second, membership to D23, although free, needs to be ‘bought’ via the Disney store which in itself needs requires a registration. In effect; to join D23 you need to register with the Disney Store, then with D23 afterwards.

Third, the two systems do not link together. Once you have ‘bought’ your D23 membership form the Disney Store, you are on your own, clueless what to do next.

Fourth, even though you can see your member number on the online booking confirmation page, it is not activated straight away.
During this process Disney later admitted that the process takes from 24hrs to 48 to activate.
You aren’t however made aware of this at any point of the sign up process.
All you see is an error message that states: “Uh-Oh!” “Member ID does not match First and Last Name”

Fifth, If you do realise that you can copy your member number yourself and visit the D23 page, to enter it, there’s no obvious clue as to where to go.

Sixth, At the login page for D23, there’s no ‘Register’ link


Other points to note: We selected UK from the dropdown on the USA site.
We buy from the US Disney store, not the UK store, but even though the drop down box allowed us to pick the UK address location, we were unable to enter a UK phone number.
To get around that we entered our US number.