Aerial RenderingAfter a long, long tedious wait for several years, Disney’s D23 fan event in Anaheim California has finally revealed the future of Disney’s cute, but least attended theme park.

While the rumor mill whirled away (fairly accurately too!), there’s not too much surprise, but plenty of relief for Walt Disney World fans, as the destiny of the ‘park that lost its way’ is finally decided.

For months, Hollywood Studios has closed doors to attractions such as the Backlot Tour, American Idol, and more recently, the Magic of Disney Animation.
The scale of the new areas coming to Hollywood Studios, would probably mean that much much more will close at some point in the park’s development, with rumors of Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular, and Lights, Motors, Action, still circling, but not at all confirmed.

More questions than answers this weekend!!

Slinkey Dog CoasterNow that Disney have paved the way for a very exciting theme park, we’ve got to wonder how much of the existing infrastructure of this most charming park might survive.
Hollywood Studios’ buildings aren’t just for fun, much of the street and building designs are a historic tribute to Hollywood on the east coast and the glamorous movie lifestyle of years gone by.

While we know that Disney has announced a huge investment in future Star Wars productions, as far back as 2013, we all guessed Star Wars was on its way, so we aren’t shocked at all about the new attractions coming to Hollywood Studios.
Toy Story LAND was predicted as early as 2014, but, now that it is confirmed, we can definitely assume that lots and lots of new Toy Story sequels will continue to keep Tom Hanks busy.  (Will kids know what toys are in 10 years time LOL?)

A major investment in theme parks, will always bring more guests to the area, guests that need a place to rest after a fun filled day at the parks.  Could Disney add a themed resort with a Toy Story or Star Wars brand?

For now, let’s bask in the knowledge that at long last, Hollywood Studios will have a really great set of attractions for younger kids.  Much needed.
Also, that older kids and adults will still continue to be able to make good use of ‘the force within’ for many years to come!

Toy Story Land – Quick Facts

  • 11 acres of land
  • No official name yet, but ‘Andy’s Yard’ seems possible!
  • Slinky Dog Family Roller Coaster
  • Alien Flying Saucer kids’ ride
  • Expansion of Toy Story Midway Mania (Underway)
  • The area will include ‘giant sized toys’ to give the impression guests have ‘shrunk’ into Andy’s back yard!
  • No opening date yet – (Judging by Disney’s slow pace, early 2018 at best?)

Star Wars Land – Quick Facts

  • Star Wars Launch Bay will be an interactive area featuring Star Wars: The Force Awakens (movie Dec 2015) will take up home in the Animation Courtyard
  • A Millenium Falcon based attraction/simulator
  • A stunt show / battle scenario attraction
  • Late 2015, Star Tours will get a new scenario based on the new 2015 movie
  • A makeover of the Jedi Training Academy
  • New weekend Star Wars themed fireworks and seasonal event from early 2016 (think of the sound track!!)

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