Disney’s ‘Wild By Design‘ special tour take you deep into the creative heart of this most amazing theme park.

Even as Disney fans ourselves, we sometimes overlook how simply amazing the creative structures and details are within the Animal Kingdom.  It’s true to say that all of the Disney World Parks are stunningly detailed, but when it comes to recreating nature, things have to be really perfected in order to look ‘right’.

Sculptors, artists and designers have painstakingly created vast landscapes by hand, that are so good, the animals that grace this amazing park, look right at home.  From termite mounds and artificial leaves, right through to full scale Baobab trees, Mountains and Dinosaurs, there’s a remarkable creation right near you at all times!

During your 3 hour walking tour, you will be introduced to many of the amazing structures by your guide as you learn not only about the astonishing facts and figures about the park, but the research methods and creative techniques used since the park was first conceived.

Whatever happens, you really need to book well in advance and the cost is $60 per person plus tax.

Guests must be 14 years or older.  Follow the Wild By Design link to visit our main site for further details.