The ever reliable Screamscape rumours site points towards some minor improvements to Universal’s CityWalk over the winter.
The Endangered Species store looks set to close and will give way to Ben & Jerry’s, Starbucks and possibly a relocated Pastamoré.
Some changes to the Latin Quarter are also expected but details are not really clear enough yet to report with any accuracy.

endangered species store

The CityWalk improvements aren’t huge, nor will they fire up any specific visits to the popular shopping, dining and night life hotspot, but the changes might herald many more to come as 20 year leases start to expire in the popular location.
(CityWalk first opened in May 1993)

For me, I never really did get along with the Endangered Species Store.
I may be the odd one out here, but I always felt that a store with such a grand title, may have supported endangered species as part of its takings.
In reality, the store didn’t.
Strange for a store with a title like that?


Struggling NBA City to Close to make way for WWE Hall of Fame and Restaurant?

The same website also hints that the struggling NBA City Restaurant might give way to a WWE themed multi purpose location.
Despite the huge popularity of NBA, the restaurant just isn’t as popular as some of the other themes around CityWalk.  Theme parks are all about adventure or fun, and although Basketball is as cool as you can get, it hardly makes you feel WOW! on vacation.
If the rumours are true, we will miss the 33ft tall “Logoman”, but, as for WWE?
Nope, that’s another big miss for us at totalorlando, that also looks doomed for failure once the novelty wears off!