Just as you finish writing an article for totalorlando.com, Disney go and mess things up by inventing (or imagineering) a new irresistible treat for us to try!
During the hot, hot, hot month of June, theme park treats sell faster than ever in the parks.
With new themed drinks topping the list, some old favorites also sell, like, well, hot cakes!

Epcot’s Funnel Cake kiosk has raised the bar a fair bit this summer by the looks of the Disney Food Blog’s latest post!

Over at the America Pavilion, the tiny colonial style wooden hut is the only place that we know of that’s selling Disney’s Double Chocolate Funnel Cake.

This latest sweet creation isn’t your regular dough loaded with choccy sauce, the dough too has been blended with cocoa.
The result?  For a not too unreasonable $8 your server will bring you a freshly prepared, piping hot, deliciously messy and irresistibly chocolate lover’s dream!

While you can improve the walk away dessert with an extra $2.50 ice cream brickette, some whipped cream might be a better choice if it ever gets added to the menu!

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