Even the greedy ‘Tweedle Twins’ skip past the Cheshire Cafe!


We’ve struggled for years with the Cheshire Cafe Kiosk, located over near the Mad Hatter Tea Party attraction in the Magic Kingdom.

Caught half way between Fantasyland and Tomorrowland, the kiosk appeared to be literally caught in ‘no-man’s land’ thanks to what was perhaps the most uninspiring menu in any theme park we’d ever seen anywhere in the world.  (Phew, glad we got that over!)

No, we weren’t impressed.  That was until we opened up our favorite Disney Food site, The Disney Food Blog this morning!

You may think ‘Wow, big deal, a cup cake?’, but these little clear plastic pots of layered sticky sweet cake and frosting look set to be a big hit for Disney.  Maybe not quite in the same league as a Mickey premium Ice Cream, Dole Whip or a Turkey Leg, but this news of the Cup Cakes will be received well by park guests.

As for the Cast Members that look after the Cheshire Cafe, they are about to get the shock of their lives after years of resting their chins on the palms of their hands as guests stroll by the deserted and rather unwanted kiosk!  Rather like the smelly old uncle that nobody cared for that just won the lottery, every Disney Snack fan is advised to check the treats out!

There are two versions of the ‘Cake Cups’, both served in a clear plastic pot, much like a fruit cup.  Both the Vanilla and Mocha versions come in the form of layered slices of cake separated by flavored light frosting that appears to be described as very sweet! (we guess from the DFB until we try soon).  According to the Disney Food Blog’s author Cast Members suggest that the sprinkle toppings may change seasonally too!

Well done Disney for the Cheshire Cafe Cup Cakes!