Chef Remy LEaves EpcotWe are normally on the ball with the latest Disney Parks News, but something terrible just happened in our favorite little corner of Epcot!
Earlier this week, some websites began reporting that the cute little Chef Remy’s services are soon no longer required in the Chefs de France kitchen.

On Thursday October 24th, our little rodent chef will hang up his toque (chef’s hat) for the very last time.

The grey furry rat has been appearing from the cheese trolley for years now, but as part of a minor makeover that includes new Cast Member uniforms at the Chefs de France, maybe Disney wanted to catch the very last rat and remove it forever?

While many of us will personally miss Remy the animatronic nibbler, it is so easy to forget that it is 7 years since Ratatouille first appeared on the big screen.
Although it did well on DVD and Screen, Disney probably guessed that this furry friend just isn’t in the forefronts  of our children’s imagination any longer.