Cheap Restaurants around Disney World – Our Top 10 List

With thousands of restaurants to choose from, we tried our best to find you some cheap eats near Disney World that would help you save some cash while still allowing your family to eat like kings!
We’ve picked out our favourite restaurants, which might not be the very cheapest in town, but do get a good blend of quality v cost!  (In other words, these restaurants offer great value!)

Money Saving Tips – eating out!

  1. Check the menu prices before you sit down
  2. Check the drinks prices and refill policy for soft drinks
  3. Ask the front desk for offers
  4. Don’t be obsessed about coupons, but keep an eye out for them!
  5. Stick to a cost per person
  6. Choose on the menu board outside
  7. Ask the server for the best menu items to share to save!
  8. Don’t forget the tip!

The Olive Garden
Although the Olive Garden is a little dated, for low cost food, this chain isn’t too bad.
The interiors tend to be aimed at the older diner, and the popularity and food choices are a little off target at times.  Having said all of that, is it great value?  Yes, we think so, especially if you are on a budget and are dining as a large group!

Buffalo Wild Wings
Although many sports bars offer a range of pricey food options, most, like Buffalo Wild Wings will always have an excellent choice on the menu at amazingly low prices.  When you’re seated, definitely resist the temptation to scale up your meal and stick to some of the lower priced items and you will eat well without running out of cash part way through the vacation!

The Golden Coral
The lunchtime price is amazing value and the food supply and quality is faultless for the price!  With a wide range of self serve all you can eat buffet items, the Golden Coral is a huge favourite amongst diners that like to eat well without the huge costs!

Another all you can eat buffet with a huge range of options and a low price dining option.
Perfect for families on a tight budget, without skimping on the quality!

Cici’s Pizza
Perfect Pizza lover’s buffet.  28 varieties and all you can eat makes this a belly busting choice for well under $10!

Earl of Sandwich
If you love great hot sandwiches or wraps and soups, this great location in Downtown Disney is a perfect place for some great food.   Many items are well under $6, making this one of our best place to eat cheaply in Downtown Disney!

Disney Food Trucks at Downtown Disney
Although not the cheapest of places overall, these are worth a big mention, due to their reasonable prices and outstandingly great tasting dishes!
Menu items from around the globe and prices start from around $9

First Watch
If you love Breakfast or fancy a nice Brunch, this amazing quick service restaurant on Sand Lake Rd is just a few minutes away from I-Drive.
The choices are amazing and this award winning breakfast stop is a real hit with locals that love great food without paying over the odds!

Tijuana Flats
We love this place.  It’s fun, it’s cheap, and the Tex Mex dishes are plentiful and rarely pop up above $7 per dish.  With a place on Sand Lake Rd near I-Drive, there’s no excuse to waste money on overprices food elsewhere!

Steak n Shake
Firstly, you need to get over one fact!  There’s no steak on the menu!
The food is simple, well prepared and amazing value (mostly well under $7), making it hugely popular with tourists and locals alike!

Our Verdict on the cheapest places to eat near Disney!

So, we’ve done our best, we’ve tried them all, had some good food, some just ok, but, we didn’t go hungry and we saved enough money to enjoy a few extra special treats and gifts in the theme parks!

Admittedly, some of the food was well short of ‘home cooking’ standards, and a few items weren’t as nice as we’d hoped for, but then again, that happens in the more expensive places doesn’t it?

For us, two clear winners, no three, ‘erm, hold on, perhaps four……..
Oh well, you best just try for yourselves, but feel free to let us know what you think about our list, our tell us some places you know that should be on here!

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