I love those rare opportunities to visit  Disney Springs on my own!

There is something magical about peacefully wandering around, especially now with the new addition of the Town Center!
With it’s vast offering of designer stores, it is quickly becoming a ‘go to shopping area’ for locals and tourists alike!

So after a tiring but successful morning shopping I was eager to visit one of the kiosks for lunch.
With so many new options available over the past several months. I headed towards the Marketplace, there are a few little fast service kiosks I have been long awaiting to sample their offerings.

B.B. Wolf’s Sausage Kiosk Review

I opted for B.B. Wolf’s, located, next to what was once Fulton’s (now called the Paddlefish). The little wooden kiosk is cleverly named after The Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf, we love these little sentiments, and Disney seem to do them so well.
Note that the imagineers even topped the kiosk off with with a ‘3 little pigs’ brick chimney!

The kitchen is ‘open’ and the chefs prepare the food quickly and efficiently and the whole area is spotless.

disney springs BB wolf kiosk

The menu isn’t huge and they don’t offer any sides apart from the pickles that come with your order.
If you are a plain eater you might not be too impressed with the adventurous toppings, but if you are open minded about trying something a little different, you won’t be left disappointed.

3 Little Pigs – BEST MENU ITEM!

I opted for the 3 Little Pigs (had to do it!), which included a reuben, bacon wrapped and a chili cheese.
All three were very good, however, unexpectedly my favorite was the Reuben, with a topping of Swiss cheese, sauerkraut, braised red cabbage and thousand island dressing.
Very satisfying!

disney springs bb wolf mini sausages


Tasty Sausages, Adventurous Toppings in Fresh Fluffy Buns!

The bread was delicious very soft, slightly toasted and not a hint of sugar, (being from the UK we find a lot of the bread here in the USA very sweet!)
Sorry to all you bread lovers that like things sweet out there!!

disney springs bb wolf sausage serving

Napkins are readily available at the side of the kiosk along with knifes and forks, be prepared you will require plenty of napkins, they are pretty tricky to eat.

Our Tips and Final Words about B.B Wolf’s at Disney Springs!

  • Don’t overlook this quick service counter!  The food is much better than you’d imagine!
  • Don’y lose your lunch, be more cautious than the poor guy along from me.
    He decided to take a little stroll halfway through eating his sausage, only to discover upon his return, that a Disney resident with wings was helping itself to a free lunch!
  • There are a few tables and a few benches nearby but no real seating area.
    The best advice I can give is to maybe hang out at the stage area.
    There is often entertainment on the stage, I enjoyed a wonderful brass band!
  • B.B. Wolf’s was very nicely priced at $ 14.19 for the 3 Little Pigs and a diet coke.

disny springs bb wolf menu

I would highly recommend this kiosk.
My only regret is I didn’t sample the specialist beer they serve here!
Never mind a return visit is on the cards!