Test The Limits Lab To Close Jan 2015

Like most Disney Community fans, we rarely rejoice when an attraction gets the big boot out into the parking lot, but today’s news will hardly raise an eyebrow in the office, or we suspect, amongst theme park visitors.

Innoventions has always been an oddity over near EPCOT’s entrance area.
The large structures that brace the sides of Spaceship Earth fill arriving guests with hope and promise, but seemingly leave them bewildered as they meander around, ‘wondering what it’s all about’.

Admittedly, the Sum Of All Thrills is fascinating (read more) and the Vision House is worthy of anyone’s time, but Disney’s magical powers to educate and entertain at the same time appear to be elusive in Innoventions East.
But Test The Limits, should have been awesome, with a theme of ‘destructive testing of everyday items’.  Instead, the tired, rather uninspiring sponsored area was nothing more than dull for many EPCOT visitors.
If more imagination had been applied, the concept may have worked well, but now that the sponsorship deal with UL is over, the large space can be used for something new after it closes on Jan 6th 2015.

Similarly, IBM’s Think area over at Innoventions West, will receive the same treatment on January 1st 2015.  Dull? Dreadfully.

Innoventions has always been a great concept, where families meet technology and science for fun and education, but the loss of the chance to ride a Segway at Innoventions West kind of demonstrated that a turn for the worst was in store for the whole idea of giving up such a huge space right near the park entrance for edutainment.

IMG_5397Worse still, Innoventions made the news for all of the wrong reasons in February of 2012, as Disney were deeply criticized for their original Habit Heroes attraction.
Focused heavily on a health theme, guests were encouraged to eat healthily, and exercise regularly in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
The press quickly picked up on the fact that pressure groups didn’t like the concept, quoting that the attraction unfairly labelled vulnerable people  with obesity.
The attraction soft opened on February 4th and closed just 19 days later, before being totally revised into a more politically correct form in January of 2013.

What will become of Innoventions in the longer term, remains to be seen, but with existing sponsors still in place, we can probably expect to see some replacements that might hopefully lift the Innoventions concept to a level that guests deserve.


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