Legacy Disney Badge copyIf you love Disney Parks, you will love those special things that you notice more and more each time you visit Walt Disney World.
Whether it is ‘Hidden Mickeys’ or the legendary ‘Utilidor’ that runs beneath your feet in the Magic Kingdom, there’s always a sense of mystery about the “Most Magical place on Earth”.

Here’s one more thing to add to your ‘watch list!’  The Blue Cast Member Name Tags!

Each year a few very special Disney Employees are picked out from around the world for the “Walt Disney Legacy Award”.

Out of almost 70,000 of Disney’s amazing employees from around the world, some extra special honor is bestowed upon them for all eternity.
To be chosen for a special blue name tag, is perhaps the highest privilege that anyone could dream of.  The award isn’t some kind of corporate token.  Its significance is more to do with how Disney decides how it gives out the few hundred or so badges each year.
Mostly the awards are decided entirely by the recipient’s co-workers.
Imagine that!  Dozens of your colleagues recognised you personally as someone who fosters the Disney spirit of “Dream, Create and Inspire”.
Clearly to impress your fellow friends at Disney, you need to be someone very special indeed to stand out as someone that is worthy of a vote from those around them.
Awards are given to those that ‘went the extra mile’.
This may be for outstanding and continued dedication in their regular job, for those that always help others to do their jobs better and of course for consistently making guest’s trips to Disney something really wonderful!
If you think that’s easy, try and imagine perhaps who you would award such an honor at your own place of work!  Now that could be a challenge!