Everyone wants to know whether Cars Land at Disney World is a reality



Disney’s Hollywood Studios is the ‘oddest’ of the Disney Parks.
Don’t shout at us for that view, we are just being honest!
Yes we love it dearly, couldn’t be the same without it, but the very small area does seem to be a little under utilized, and at times a little frustrating to make your way around, but hey, it has Fantasmic, the Rock N Roller Coaster, the Tower of Terror, Lights, Motors Action, Star Tours and much more!

So what are we moaning about?  To be honest, we don’t know!  We can’t quite put our finger on it!   We kind of ‘fit into the park’ rather than visit it and embrace it in the same way as we would Epcot or the Magic Kingdom.

What is distinctly missing at Hollywood Studios lies in the ‘Family Ride’ category.  The park simply isn’t friendly enough to riders under 48 inches tall (Rock n Roller Coaster).

If you’ve ever lined up to ride Toy Story Midway Mania, the only ‘mid kid family ride’ you will have loved the 90 minute wait and lack of FastPasses by lunch time!  Proof that this Oasis in the desert at Hollywood Studios needs a partner!

So, perhaps that’s why everyone wants to see the Cars Land attraction from Disneyland California.


The Cars Land Rumours

Recent rumours on Screamscape are gathering a little more credibility as some form of Radiator Springs attraction may indeed be heading to Walt Disney World and that Hollywood Studios is well and truly on the map!  Sadly, although nothing whatsoever is confirmed, it’s believed that the centrepiece Radiator Springs Racers is deemed to be too similar to Epcot’s Test Track and won’t be making the journey east!

Talk of a ‘dark ride’ have been driven around, or possibly some adaptation of the ‘back lot tour’ would make sense, particularly bearing in mind the age of the attraction, lots of standing around and the fact that the ‘Pearl Harbour’ section isn’t exactly playing to the growing park attendances by the Harry Potter mad Japanese tourists!

So, Cars Land, almost definitely, probably coming to Disney World and you can bet that whatever form it takes, Disney really do have to pull pole position on this one if they want to lift the experience of ‘mid sized kids!’.


Walt Disney World Cars Land’s Planned Location?

Some rumours are worth taking note of and Screamscape is definitely one of our favourite sources of park ‘secrets’.
According to them of late, Cars Land is most likely to take up residence in the Backlot Tours area of Hollywood Studios, perhaps seeing the closure of that area in 2014.

Screamscape also go on a little further with a suspicion that Lights, Motors, Action could also face the axe in the current form at least.  Perhaps paving the way for a lot more ‘Lightning McQueen’ style stunts as the new ‘Cars Land’ merges with the motor stunt show?

Without any news from Disney, it’s  waiting game!


Hollywood Studios – Will be A Park ‘In Limbo’

This tiny theme park is an odd one.  Some amazing things going on, but, a little dated too.
Possibly the park has seen the lowest investment levels in the last few years, and that’s probably a strong sign that times will change.

If the arrival of Cars Land is as likely as we believe, there will be a huge hole left in the park attraction list as LMA and Backlot Tours become hidden behind the construction boards.

The combined area of the Backlot Tours and Lights, Motors, Action spaces, represent well over a tenth of the overall guest space within Hollywood Studios.  That is a huge amount of space to lose in one step.  It’s also a big chunk off the attraction list, and major ones at that, so we can probably expect a staged opening of any new Cars Land, along with a very aggressive build time that gets the park open very quickly.