Rhino Rally

UPDATE May 2014 Rhino Rally is rumoured to re-open in the summer of 2014, although this has not been confirmed.


The Rhino Rally safari ride that takes guests across a bumpy route by Landrover ran for the last time yesterday at Busch Gardens.  Quite why this happened or how permanent the closure is, remains unanswered, but the rumours suggest that it could be out of action until well into 2014.
Luxury Orlando Vacation HomesThe attraction first opened in the Nairobi area of Busch Gardens on May 23rd 2001 and has guests involved in a ‘search’ for a lost driver on the safari trail.
In 2010, the popular but troublesome water section closed, to make way for the park’s newest operating attraction, Cheetah Hunt.

Busch have been scaling back a few of their attractions this year amid rumours that they are off setting poor financials with much needed operational savings.

Official figures released previously, show a second quarter loss of $16m in 2013.
Attendance figures had dropped 10% across the SeaWorld/Busch parks.

Hopefully the ‘seasonal closures’ of attractions such as Rhino Rally are indeed temporary, as the management of one of our favorite parks works out a recovery plan!
With Falcon’s Fury tipped to be a big new attraction next year, we have or fingers crossed for the park that we vote as the most beautiful in Central Florida.

Good luck Busch, we hope Rhino Rally is back on track very soon!