The 2013 Busch Gardens Howl O Scream is taking shape!

The rather ominous ’13’ Halloween event is being prepared, but, the question is of course, are you prepared?
Some fairly evil deeds are being heading your way this Halloween over at Busch Gardens Tampa!

Although Howl O Scream is amazing, it understandably falls well short of the ‘big budget’ Halloween Horror Nights at Orlando’s Universal Studios.
The feel is very different, less polished, and to some degree, a little less gloss adds to the spirit of an evening of fright in this beautiful creepy parkland setting!

One thing that really does seem to grab is the demise of the ‘Alone’ upgrade.
Fear not, haha!  Or should we say: “fear more!” as the rumors point to a new experience called ‘The Experiment’ according to Screamscape.
The concept of ‘Alone’ remains, we won’t spoil it, but basically, you book an upgrade, pay about $40 to go and get the living daylights scared out of you on a ‘one person’ basis.
(Up to four max can enter the house on a $40 ticket)

These ‘scare houses’ differ considerably to the general scare experiences of Howl O Scream or for that matter HHN.  You are alone in there and believe me, it is not pleasant!
Unlike the open maizes with free flowing walkways, you are in smaller spaces, rooms, corridors, dark, closed in, creepy and full of surprises, just for you!
The only way out is to shout the ‘codeword’ a few times, and you are briskly escorted to the outside and safe world!
We won’t say any more, we don’t want to spoil it do we?

This year, ‘Alone’ theme is replaced with ‘The Experiment’.  It sounds totally evil.  You of course are personally going to be a big part of the experiment!

For the main event, there are 13 doors to the scare houses.
On the Howl O Scream Website, each door is locked and chained, but gradually opening to reveal the evil villain behind.  With names like “the Butcher”, “Voodoo Queen”, and “the Cannibal”, we suggest you have a light meal only before you head to Busch this Halloween!

For more information, check out our main Howl O Scream website article