We wouldn’t blame Busch Gardens one bit for sending home 19 American Alligators!

These prehistoric creatures frighten many, but to the experts over at Gatorland, these knobbly characters are just part of the ever changing scenery.
If there is such a thing as a favorite Gator, it would be the 14ft long ‘Chester’ a native Florida Gator that is now safely behind bars after a lifetime eating a fair number of Hillsborough County pet dogs from the walkways that bordered his watery lair.

Chester, famous for his youtube footage that ‘taught someone a lesson’ (don’t look if you are squeamish), will soon be joined by an additional 19 inmates over at Gatorland as some of the gators that were on loan to Busch Gardens outgrew their enclosures!

The 9 Females and 10 males went to the Tampa area in 2010, but having grown at over a foot a year, it was time for them to return to Gatorland’s huge reserve over on Orange Blossom Trail just south east of Disney.

Set up in 1949 the 110 acre Gatorland was Orlando’s original tourist attraction and now homes thousands of Gators, ensuring that the Busch Gardens snappers won’t be lonely one bit!


Video of Chester biting crazy man’s hand at Gatorland!