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Have you ever wondered how Epcot gets a country added to the World Showcase?
When we read a rumour that Disney might be considering a new addition to the World Showcase, we thought we’d do a little research!

Luxury Orlando Vacation HomesWe could be wrong, but it looks like Disney often just sit back wait for a call and a huge bag of cash from someone connected to that country!
Although several Epcot countries have received no sponsorship from either a government body or commercial partner, the bulk of Epcot’s World Showcase has been part funded by third parties in some shape or form such as sponsorship.
Provided the new country causes no political problems and the cash is good, discussions can begin on the design of a new Showcase country in one of the gaps around the lagoon.

With that complex arrangement, it’s no small wonder that we’ve not seen anything new appear for a while at Epcot!
The last additions were Norway (June 1988) and Morocco Sept 1984).
Since Epcot first opened, numerous pavilions were consider, including those representing Africa, Israel and Spain


To predict the future, we first need to ‘look back in time’

Regarding bags of cash, only Morocco was funded by a government, all of the other national pavilions were funded by private companies.
With Brazil emerging as a powerful economy, rich in terms of historic heritage and culture, it would be easy to picture a Brazilian Pavilion some place inside the World Showcase!
Not only might the Brazilian government be very willing to forge commercial bonds with major US corporations such as Disney, but some of Brazil’s leading businesses (cellular network operators Telefonica and Vivo) would probably love to increase their brand awareness in other regions.  Conversely, US businesses looking to increase their appeal in South America, might do well to step in and sponsor a new Brazilian pavilion.
If anyone does decide to drop a bag of cash at Walt Disney World’s front desk, from past history, we can expect a very slow process before anything happens inside Epcot!


Why Brazil looks a good option to be included in the World Showcase!

As the world’s fifth largest country in physical size and population, the appeal to Disney would be huge.
At the moment the UK flights bring around 3/4m guests a year into Orlando, representing around 1% of the population.  If Orlando could draw in just a fraction of those sorts of figures from Brazil’s population 196.7 million, we could expect an upsurge in Hotel building right away!  Hey guess what, it is already happening!
With more and more Brazilians heading to Central Florida each year, their increasing wealth and zest for fun is a perfect fit for the region, particularly as the Portugese speaking nation increasingly uses English as a strong second language.
A tribute to their amazing nation inside Epcot would really draw in Brazilian toursits, while at the same time educating the rest of the world about the delights of this exciting South American nation’s tourist appeal!

Brazil in Epcot = Win Win!


Space for one more in Epcot’s World Showcase?

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A quick look at Google Maps reveals much more space around the World Showcase than you might think for a big new Brazilian pavilion!

  • Between Canada and the UK
  • Between the UK & the International Gateway near France
  • Between France and Morocco
  • Between Morocco and Japan
  • Between Germany and China (Most likely)


Our View about Brazil Heading to Epcot?

While the parks are all enjoying some strong growth at the moment, the execs are looking for better annual gate increases than the 2% or so of recent years.
The only way that can happen is by broadening the appeal of the parks and reaching out to relatively new markets with a good economic outlook.
With Epcot currently enjoying the lowest levels of park development, in comparison to Avatar land, Cars Land, New Fantasyland and more, it is hard to think that Walt Disney World will leave Epcot untouched by the brush of change that has swept through the rest of the region’s parks!

Add to that the fun loving Brazilian passion for Disney and we think this might just break ground in the next few years!

Our sincere thanks to Yesterland.com for being an excellent source for this article.