One of the things that we love about Orlando, is that the fun is endless!
No matter how long you live there, how many vacations you take, Central Florida always has something a little different, and at times peculiar to offer.

One of the finest examples lies just 35 minutes or sue South West of the main Orlando tourist area, set high up un a solitary hill.
Bok Tower Gardens is a special place, beautiful, tranquil and occasionally; quirky and quaint.

On the hour and every half hour, you can hear short pieces of recorded Carillon music, playing sweetly from the striking tower in the heart of the gardens.
This month however, guests at the gardens can hear the resident Carillonneur, Geert D’hollander play this extraordinary instrument from October 17th 2013.

If you are confused why we call a belltower an instrument, we perhaps best explain!
The Bok Towers Carillon has over 60 bells ranging from a mere 16 pounds right up to a colossal 12 tons!
Built in England in 1928, the beautiful and often complex musical arrangements are played by striking large wooden pegs, arranged in a keyboard arrangement.

The hands control the treble clef, while the feet control the bass clef, for what makes one of the most unique and enchanting sounds imaginable.

If you love Florida, love music and would love to find something very different, we highly recommend that you head to the beautiful Bok Tower Gardens for your next visit!