On Friday April 25th, wdwmagic.com revealed that two major changes in the WDW exec team were underway.
Normally such comings and goings in the Disney offices are of little interest, but this time, it is clear that the start of great things has definitely begun!
We take a closer look at the two latest changes and take a fairly safe guess as to what it will mean to us all as Disney Park fans!

A new Star Wars development studio – at Walt Disney Imagineering

star-wars-weekend-05WDI is the true starting point of any new Disney resort project.
Lots of crazy ideas are worked on, many never leave the drawing board, but when a department like this Star Wars unit is set up, and headed by one of the leading Imagineers, (Scott Trowbridge), there’s a very strong clue that there’s going to be a major development over the coming years at the parks.
The sad part is that the news kind of confirms that Disney have NOT been working on any Star Wars themed attractions to date.  It’s going to be a very long wait before we see anything heading to Hollywood Studios!
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Epcot get a new creative boss!

IMG_0361WDW’s second most popular theme park is of course Epcot.
The huge park is deliberately slower in pace and offers a quaint insight into science, technology and the world outside of the USA, in a very entertaining way.
Many do believe however, (including us at totalorlando), that Epcot is long overdue some major developments.  Epcot’s last major new attraction was in fact The Seas with Nemo & Friends way back in 2007.
The news that the Disneyland Paris’ Imagineering leader Tom Fitzgerald is now also heading up Imagineering at Epcot is also a signal that something significant is the pipeline for the park.


Our reaction to the latest Disney Parks News

On one hand the news of the new appointments is very welcome, guests will definitely appreciate some new developments and particularly in Epcot and Hollywood Studios.
Both parks do appear to have been overshadowed by New Fantasyland and MyMagic+ developments.
This is a huge positive, but the slightly worrying view, is that this move also confirms many suspicions, that Disney have truly been taking their foot off the gas while Universal march forward with some very large-scale and rapid developments such as Diagon Alley.
It is going to be well into 2017 before Disney reveal their Avatar inspired Pandora at Animal Kingdom and possibly 2018 before the Epcot and Star Wars developments take hold unless Disney speed up their work rate.