Some of Walt Disney World’s most popular ‘street performances’ are about to change very soon at Epcot.

You’ve got until the end of September to catch the following acts as Disney continue to evolve the shows and street acts that have entertained us for many years.

To varying degrees, we’ve loved these acts, and possibly in the order above, but we have to be honest, many have been around a little too long at Epcot.  It’s time for change.

Of late, WDW has parted company with some very high profile performers, much to the amazement of Disney park fans.  Magician Brian Staron left the boardwalk in the Spring of 2013 amid quite a passioned stir from his regular fans that would soon have to endure their future visits to Orlando without his smooth and witty magic shows by the water side.
At Epcot, candy artist Miyuki, also appeared for the last time in 2013.

The greatest shock of all, was of course ‘Push, The Talking Trash Can‘.  Apparently scrubbed from the lineup at the Magic Kingdom over contract disputes.

What’s next for Epcot’s Entertainment Lineup?

It looks as though Epcot might be taking a more ‘traditional’ approach to the replacement acts if this blog post from Tom Corless works out to be true.

  • The UK will get a Celtic Folk act
  • Canada will gain a lumberjack themed show
  • Flag performers in Italy
  • Berber music and dancing in Morocco

While there’s no word of anything for the America Pavilion, that may be in an attempt to keep the narrow walkways clear of guests, diverting them instead to the Plaza in Italy.

Our thoughts on the latest Epcot Entertainment revisions

Personally, this is well overdue.
Epcot really does need a light ‘refreshen’ and these fairly low budget changes look set to become a part of the new changes brought about by Epcot’s new Imaginineering boss’s changes.
Of course, Frozen, is going to be the big news at Epcot, as it takes its rumoured spot in place of Maelstrom.
Also, acts like ‘Off Kilter’, located in the Canada area, always confused guests, but getting rid of the Fife & Drum Corps is a big mistake.  We really do think that a trip to the America pavilion is going to be lacking that special historic feel in the future.
Of all of the changes, this is the most puzzling!

Looking to the future, just about every forum or blog, has at some point commented that Epcot needs a boost, and we feel that this is the inevitable beginning of a steady and subtle change to Orlando’s second most popular theme park.

It is, however worth bearing a thought for the talented performers, that must now face the inevitable search for pastures new.

For now though, I will think of the moment that I got a little bit of ad lib banter from one of the World Showcase Players as I tired so hard to grab a great shot of their performance!
Good luck with your future my friend!