One of our the greatest memories from early visits to Orlando was that I never once felt that I had been ripped off by Orlando.
Despite higher prices these days that still remains our team’s thoughts about this destination.

Sure, you can find a few very expensive restaurants that just simply aren’t worth the price, but the menus are at the doorway and  you can see for yourself what’s coming your way when the check arrives a few hours later.

Generally speaking, Orlando is great value.
You might pay a lot for park tickets, but nobody ever regrets it!

There is one (make that two) awful, awful exceptions, and they lurk just outside orlando International Airport.

As of August 30th 2013, Suncoast Energys and Sun Gas sell gas at $5.99 and $5.95 per gallon.  Way above the Orlando area’s average of $3.45

They are cashing in on unsuspecting tourists topping their rental car tanks back up to full before returning their vehicles!

As two of the closest gas stations to the airport, they seem to be getting away with it, despite several years of legal action from the city for not displaying prices clearly.

We have the best tips on how to avoid being overcharged for gas when you return your rental car and also suggest a very cheap and reputable place to buy gas near OIA.


Our Advice about returning your rental Car to OIA

  • Avoid Sun Gas ($5.95 – 30th Aug 2013)5600 Butler National Drive
    S Semoran Blvd
    Orlando, FL 32812
  • Avoid Suncoast Enrergys  ($5.99 – 30th Aug 2013)5928 Butler National Drive
    S Semoran Blvd
    Orlando, FL 32822
  • Note that both of these expensive gas stations are on opposite sides of the same section of S Semoran Blvd just north of Orlando Interational Airport
  • Fill up in the tourist areas before driving to OIA
    You probably will not be penalised for the minor amount used for your journey
  • If you can’t see clearly displayed gas prices, move on!
  • Set your SatNav and fill up near the airport at WAWA (they set up specifically to combat the high prices of the ‘gougers’)

    6500 South Semoran Blvd.
    Orlando, FL 32822
  • Opt for a ‘Fuel Purchase Option’ if your rental car firm offers a good gallon price.
    Even if the gas price is a few cents more than you could get yourself, it is better than being ripped off by a $6 a gallon gas station on the airport doorstep
    If you completely fill your car at a gas station near your accommodation, it will probably show ‘FULL’ after you’ve steadily driven to the airport!
  • Read our Top 10 Rental Car Tips Article for even more advice!