The most magical place on earth is even more enjoyable thanks to the seasonal charms of Florida’s amazing climate!

One thing that Orlando truly can boast!  Great Weather year round!

For data fans, here’s a quick-look table
(our tip = those average day temp figures are the most helpful!)


Average  Average  Record  Record  Average  Rain 
           Day °F Night °F High °F Low °F Sun (Hrs) (inches)
Jan 71 F  49 F 87 F 19 F 7 2.35
Feb 74 F  52 F  90 F 26 F 7 2.47
Mar 78 F  56 F  92 F 25 F 8 3.77
Apr 83 F  60 F  96 F 38 F 10 2.68
May 88 F  66 F 100 F 48 F 10 3.45
Jun 91 F  72 F 100 F 53 F 11 7.58
Jul 92 F  74 F  101 F 64 F 10 7.27
Aug 92 F  74 F  100 F 64 F 9 7.13
Sep 90 F  73 F 98 F 56 F 9 6.06
Oct 85 F  66 F 95 F 43 F 8 3.31
Nov 79 F  59 F 89 F 29 F 8 2.17
Dec 73 F  52 F 90 F 20 F 7 2.58
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Month by Month Analysis


January’s Weather in Orlando

January is typically the coldest and most dry month of the year in Orlando, you can expect to see scorched dry golf course fairways and foliage loss on trees.  The skies are often clear blue, as clouds are held away by consistent high pressure systems over Florida.
Early morning frosts and even light snow showers are almost regular occurrences in recent times.
Daytime temperatures tend on average to be ‘warm’ rather than hot with a daytime average of 71F.
January is a good month for a mixture of warm clothing and our advice is for guests to pick and choose their water park days, depending on the local forecast.
Generally, January is a magical month; the cooler air and that gorgeous warm sunshine offers visitors one of the most comforting sensations that’s quite unique to Orlando!
A great time for dreamers, would-be novelists, photographers and poets alike!
Pack some long sleeved shirts, long trousers and a light jacket in case of cold snaps!

February’s Weather in Orlando

February, much like January, can offer very cool evening temperatures followed by an often leisurely climb back to the warmish daytime temperatures that are characteristic of the month.
Some days the mercury just doesn’t seem to want to move quickly towards the monthly average of 74, but if it does, the days are delightfully warm.  As with January, do bear in mind that evening temperatures can occasionally drop below freezing (recorded record low was 26 F) so a few items of warm clothing need to accompany that case full of shorts and t-shirts for those cooler but appealing days February may offer!
The rainfall is still low in February and you will hear locals wishing for it as back yards and golf courses take the beating of the annual winter drought!
Skies are often clear, although a few overcast skies may appear for a day or two during a vacation.
Pack some long sleeved shirts, long trousers and a light jacket in case of cold snaps!

March’s Weather in Orlando

Depending upon the year, March can rival with April as the start of Central Florida’s warm season.
If it does bring warm weather, there’s a fair chance that it will stick around weeks at a time.
Localised showers start to bring a little life to the grass although not enough to spoil a vacation generally.
Guests should however still pack their cases with a selection of warm clothes as lower temperatures are still possible in extremely bad seasons.  Although average night time temperatures are starting to slowly creep up, cold snaps are still a reality and can continue through until lunchtimes so still consider a few warmer items of clothing in those cases.

April’s Weather in Orlando

Now we are talking!  The Orlando weather generally tends to hit the good times in April!
A few chilly days may appear from time to time, but, it is now becoming more likely that warm, sunny and relatively dry days are heading your way!
It’s up to you whether to pack warmer clothing, you may decide to just keep an eye on the forecast and head to one of the designer outlets to pick up a bargain if needed.
April offers some of the best sunshine of the year and clear blue skies are more likely than not, great for those dream pictures of the family by Cinderella’s Castle!
Sunscreen is advisable all year round in Orlando, but especially now that the sun is closer to the earth (and bare arms and legs!).

May’s Weather in Orlando

May works well with April as one of the best months to visit Orlando.  It’s definitely at the warmer end of warm by now, and on odd days, hot but bearable.  Clear skies and a very close sun means that lots of care with sunscreen is needed!
You probably won’t even consider the need to wrap up as the heat and humidity warm you day and evening, but, record lows of 48 F in May can help remind you that anything is possible in Orlando!
A few heavy rain showers can arrive day or night, but they tend to be intense and brief, leaving you with plenty of time to enjoy the lovely sunshine after the brief storm has passed!
May really is a good option if you can make it work in your Calendar!

June’s Weather in Orlando

June is the first month on the Official Hurricane season, should you be bothered?  We will write more about this soon, but, if it helps in the meantime; we would never try and plan our vacation time to avoid the Hurricane Season!
June sees the return of some much needed rain.  Thankfully it arrives in such a stylish way, that you can’t help but want more!  The brief rainfalls are without doubt surprisingly great fun!  The hot summer sidewalks get washed down with he sweetest smelling rainfall then almost as quickly, the clouds pass by and the sun tends to dry it all out again in an instant!
Days and nights are much warmer and the temperature swing between night and day becomes noticeably less.
The skies often have a lovely mixture of light fluffy clouds and lots of lovely sunshine, so again, take care with that sunscreen!
Keeping well hydrated with is important all year round, but it really is important during Orlando’s summer months.  (Avoid large amounts of cola, caffeine and alcohol as they dehydrate you further!)

July’s Weather in Orlando

The hottest month of the year, July’s weather continues with a similar pattern to June.  The weather is hot, and the humidity is high, so plenty of water is needed in the parks.
Those beautiful brief storms from June, continue during July. They tend to occur a couple of times a week, mainly around mid afternoon, passing quickly, leaving behind very good weather as a rule.
Most seasoned visitors to Orlando enjoy the spectacle and plan their day by getting into the parks early, taking a mid afternoon lunch, then enjoying some peaceful times in the half empty theme park after the showers pass.
Editor’s Note: Those occasional storms are a big bonus if you can plan around them!

August’s Weather in Orlando

Much like June and July, the weather tends to provide hot sunny mornings, an occasional brief rainstorm followed by fabulous clear skies and warm afternoons.
The need to keep hydrated and wear sunscreen is really important at this time of year.

September’s Weather in Orlando

Back home, September might be thought of as a ‘cooling off month’.  In Orlando, the change is barely noticeable during the daytime, but the evenings do seem to benefit from a slightly cooler feel.  September seems to be the most perfect for enjoying the warmth in an evening, not too hot and just the right levels of humidity.
The lovely evening weather and slightly shorter days, offer lots of opportunity to enjoy some great sunsets during September!

October’s Weather in Orlando

Even Orlando has Fall.  Daytime temperatures are still mostly hot enough to enjoy in shorts and T-shirts and the evenings tend to produce a slightly lower as the best (Editor’s Opinion!) Holiday Season of all arrives!
The nights get darker earlier, and the air is still warm in an evening, but there’s a hint of freshness in the Autumn air that reminds us all that Seasons are still there, in a way!
Packing some warmer clothing might be an option, or you may choose to follow the crowd and buy bits and pieces from the Outlets if you experience a cooler spell than usual.
October is another great month for the camera, those clear blue skies during the daytime and the stunning sunsets, create some amazing photo opportunities!
Pack some long sleeved shirts, long trousers and a light jacket in case of cold snaps!

November’s Weather in Orlando

The slightly cooler weather of November arrives almost unnoticed, offset perhaps by the fact that it’s STILL averaging 79F and most importantly is Christmas Season in the parks during most of November!
The evening temperatures can be varied, really warm most days, occasionally needing another layer of clothing, but, it all seems to fit in really nicely with the winter theme.
November continues to be a great month for clear skies and also marks the calendar as the driest month of the year on average.
Pack some long sleeved shirts, long trousers and a light jacket in case of cold snaps!

December’s Weather in Orlando

December, rather like January has a charming mixture of dry, sun-drenched streets, with clear blue skies that dominate the entire month!
Although the air temperature fluctuates a little between cool and warm, the sunlight is truly stunning.
No matter what the air temperature is like, those low warming rays beat down on you to provide the most magical winter feeling, making this the best time of year for most Floridians!
Pack some long sleeved shirts, long trousers and a light jacket in case of cold snaps!

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