Mickey PremiumOne of the great pleasures of being on vacation is being able to throw away any caution about diet for a few brief days or weeks in that glorious Florida sunshine!

Thanks to those very nice people who run our favorite them parks for the amazing array of delicious treats and snacks that help us fill our appetite during a theme park day trip.
With so many to choose from, we thought we’d pick out a few of the very best and most notable finger foods offered by SeaWorld, Busch, Universal & Disney!

We’ve split the tempting goodies into 3 self explanatory categories, but feel free to comment and add your own suggestions to help our article grow!
Whatever happens, make sure you take a few extra dollars into the parks each day for some truly tempting delights!


Turkey Leg
Magic Kingdom/Hollywood Studios/Animal Kingdom/Islands of Adv/Universal

Loathed by many, not to be missed by more!  The Turkey Leg is a theme park ‘Leg’end.
Disney alone are reported to sell over 1.5 million pounds in weight of the greasy things each year!   Chewing your way through a $10 Turkey Leg, takes a while and requires no shame or finesse.
It’s not a pretty sight, but it’s the primitive appeal of this 1000 calorie BBQ style snack that makes this a big treat for die hard fans!
So famous are these poultry limbs, that you can even buy clothing and gifts, adorned of course with that thick brown snack!


Funnel Cakes
Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Disney Water Parks, Boardwalk Area

Deep fried batter, served on a paper plate and loaded with toppings such as strawberry, chocolate, whipped cream and sugar.
We’ve not got any calorie info, but for a funnel cake alone, this must top 600 calories, without the toppings!  Who cares haha they are delicious!
Check out the new Double Choc Funnel Cake at Epcot!


Magic Kingdom/Epcot/Hollywood Studios/Animal Kingdom/Islands of Adv/Universal/SeaWorld/DTD

These extruded ‘mexican style donuts’ are continually increasing in popularity amongst the Orlando parks, and for good reason!  These $4 sticks of sweet cinnamon deep fried dough are deliciously calorie laden treats! (Got to be up there with funnel cakes for calories, but who really cares, or for that matter knows how many you’ve eaten while your partner is on the rides with the kids?)
Only trouble with churros (apart from the addictive personalities) is that quality varies hugely, depending on how long they’ve been in the ‘warm up box’ on the snack cart.  Delivered fresh, they are amazing, but it’s also worth pointing out that you never see anyone throwing away churro bits that have been in the box for an hour or two either!
Visit this article from the Disney Food Blog.


Mickey Premium Ice Cream Bars
Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Disney Water Parks, Disney Cruise Liners

OK, so the ice cream carts offer much more than just Mickey premiums, but this is the one that tops the charts, even at a whopping $3.75 +tax!
Designed much like a ‘Disney version of Dove’ it has delicious creamy Ice Cream in the shape of ‘Mickey Ears’ covered in a dark chocolate casing.
Impossible to ignore, and equally impossible to eat without losing a piece of chocolate to the fate of that cruelly hot theme park walkway!
If you want something a little different, also try the Frozen Banana!


Mickey Kitchen Sink
Magic Kingdom – Plaza Ice Cream Parlour

At $23 plus tax, this irresistible ice cream bucket shaped in a Mickey’s Shorts styled ‘Kitchen Sink’ will offer a dream Disney snack on a hot sunny Florida day!
With 3 scoops of delicious soft serve, chocolate chips, caramel chips and topped off with three shiny cherries, it will be the talk of Disney as you wander around the theme park clutching the cutest theme park snack ever created!
Yeah, we agree, that it is way over priced, but hey, this post mentioned nothing about being sensible!!!


Apple Fries

If you think you will love these you are correct, if you think you won’t love these you are probably incorrect!
These $5 Apple Fries are the strangest sweet treat we’ve ever tried!  Served like potato fries in a paper cup, these granny smith apple sticks are crispy coated in a sugared cinnamon mixture before frying to perfection for your whipped cream dipping frenzy!
They have the appearance, feel and texture of a regular french fry, hot, crispy and covered in what looks like salt (sugar), but they taste deliciously and somewhat shockingly sweet with a sharp Granny Smith apple centre!



Dole Whip
Magic Kingdom – Aloha Isle
Animal Kingdom – Tamu Tamu Refreshments

Dole Whip is another Disney Icon, this time a little more elegant than the clumsy, messy, sinewy Turkey Leg!
What is Dole Whip?  Simply put, it’s soft serve, non dairy ‘ice cream’, but the version to go for is the $5 Pineapple Float; a clear plastic cup of refreshing chilled Pineapple Juice with a pineapple soft serve float on top!
Alternate soft serve flavours are available including pineapple, orange and vanilla.
The cool treat is incredibly popular, mainly thanks to the refreshing effect in that hot glorious theme park!

Islands of Adventure

This Harry Potter inspired sweet, non dairy soft drink has revolutionised theme park drinks branding!  According to reports, the theme park sold an amazing 1 million mugs of Butterbeer in the first 7 months of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter area’s opening.
The drink has a clear amber cream soda/butterscotch flavoured liquid base, topped off with a frothy, light marshmallow flavoured ‘head’.
The $10 Souvenir Cup with Butterbeer is served as either regular or frozen, the choice is yours!  The clear plastic cup is available at a lower price!


Flaming Moe
Springfield Area of Universal Studios

An $7.99 orange soda style drink served in a clear plastic glass complete with a ‘smoke effect’ courtesy of some dry ice in the special base of the cup.
If Disney were reeling at Butterbeer’s run away success, can you image their ‘joy’ recently when they discovered the very first Flaming Moe?
Universal get lots of things right, and they certainly know how to shame Disney on the specialty drink front!

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