Margarita’s In The Sun

When we emigrated from the North East of England to the Sunshine State we dreamed of sipping margarita’s by the ocean and beautiful azure pools.  Reality check,  two-year later and we are far too busy working on Total Orlando, plus other projects to laze around all day drinking margaritas, however, we do get the occasional lunch or dinner out with friends, and of course the frequent trip to the theme parks, where we always manage to hunt down a margarita.

Obviously we haven’t sampled every margarita in Orlando, however, we have drunk our fair share.  We have reviewed two from the most popular places in Disney and also our all time favorite which is a little off the beaten track!

Dockside Margaritas at Disney Springs

These were a huge disappointment.  We ordered the seasonal Snowflake Margarita for $ 13.50 and the Sunset Margarita also $ 13.50.  To say they were both extremely sour would be an understatement.  We found them virtually impossible to drink.

This is all we could manage before we trashed them, which was no easy option after spending a whopping $ 27.00 for both, plus tips.

Beautiful Location

The only positive thing we have to say about this experience is the lovely location.  They have comfortable seating overlooking the lake and there is often great live entertainment.  You really can spend a good hour here enjoying the ambience.

Azteca Orange Blossom Trail – Our Winner

Azteca is about as authentic as you can get for a Mexican restaurant in Orlando.  The restaurant offers great Mexican food and the best margaritas we have ever sampled.  The choice of flavors is great offering blood orange, mango, strawberry, kiwi, cranberry, watermelon, peach and my all time favorite pomegranate.

In my humble opinion these are definitely the best we have sampled in Orlando, so far.  We always opt for frozen and can’t usually manage more than two, believe us when we say they put some serious alcohol in these margaritas, however, saying that the alcohol  doesn’t take anything away from the fruity flavors.

The price is $ 10.50 however, during happy hour they offer two margaritas for the price of one.  Happy hour is Monday – Saturday 3:00 p.m. until 6:30 p.m.  On Sunday’s it is happy hour all day, we can think of worse places to spend our Sundays!


The only downside to Azteca is it’s location, it may sound like a beautiful place to visit, ‘Orange Blossom Trail’ in reality it isn’t.  Now we aren’t saying it is dangerous and you shouldn’t venture there, it just has some not so nice areas to it.  However, the Florida Mall is located here so it is maybe an option after a day shopping, it is literally a ten minute drive.  All that said and done Azteca is in a fairy quite zone of Orange Blossom Trail and we visit often.  It is off the beaten track for tourists, but if you want to see where the locals eat and drink, it is as good a place as any to start with!


We were so disappointed when the margarita kiosk closed in the Mexico Pavilion to make way for the expansion of Frozen in the neighboring Norway Pavilion, we went into mourning, we almost boycotted Epcot!  So when they opened Choza de Margarita, we quickly hot-footed it down there.  Offering handcrafted and frozen margaritas we love the location just as much as the previous one.

We always select the Fiesta Margarita which is layered with lime, wild strawberry and passion mango.  There is nothing not to like about these margaritas, the consistency is perfect and the flavors are delicate, just enough to pick out the different distinctive flavors.

The only downside is they are pricey at $ 10.50 each.  The exact same as our hands down favorite Azteca, unless you consider the happy hour option at Azteca.  However, they are considerably less than our least favorite at Disney Springs.

It is a theme park so prices are always inflated, however, to be honest we think they are worth every dollar!   We would recommend this fabulous kiosk any day of the week.  Epcot you are once again one of our favorite parks!


So much is our love of margaritas we decided to invest in a Margaritaville Machine.  So if anybody out there has any great recipes please send them over, we would love to try them out!!

Enjoy and let us know what you think on our Facebook page!