Disney’s new flagship restaurant, currently under construction inside the New Fantasyland area, will open its doors in time for this year’s Thanksgiving Holidays.  As guests enjoy reading the gourmet dinner menus, they will notice something quite unimaginable;

The Be Our Guest Restaurant will break a a 41 year old tradition by serving alcohol for the very first time inside the once sacredly dry perimeter of the Magic Kingdom.

Popular demand has finally made the Disney Executives bow under pressure as opinions swung towards a neutral position on the matter of alcohol inside the most magical place on earth!

Our Opinion about Alcohol inside the Magic Kingdom

Times are changing, and the Be Our Guest Restaurant’s very French theme and upscale dinner menu would seem relatively downscale without some fine French wine to accompany a meal.  While Disney Execs probably have a very keen eye on margins, they also respect their guests opinions and felt that a point had been reached that required some flexibility regarding the Magic Kingdom’s alcohol policy.

Bearing in mind that so much of Walt’s original concepts and standards remain inside the MK, Disney’s flagship theme park has hardly lost its way.  It’s also unlikely to think that many people will drink wildly over a gourmet dinner and then become such a nuisance as they too ‘lose their way’.  (If they did, rest assured, Disney’s Security would handle it all rather gracefully and efficiently!)

Have we ever witnessed drunken behaviour inside Epcot?  Actually, no, so perhaps it’s time to move on, rather than cling on to the past, only this time with a fine glass of Château Batailley at $99 a bottle!