Arabian Nights 3If you are in Orlando this Christmas, we urge you to head over to the Arabian Nights show to catch a glimpse of 25 years of Orlando history for the very last time.

The Arabian Nights dinner show will run for the very last time on December 31st 2013.
Just like one of their majestic horses, the show will take a final bow from its location near Old Town Kissimmee.

The latest and final version of the show ‘The Royal Celebration’ celebrates the marriage of the Bedouin prince and princess, set to the theme of their majestic steeds.
The horses are the finest and the performance is way above expectations, particularly for those that appreciate horses and theatrical performance.

The reasons for the closure appear to reflect a changing public taste for high end shows.
Owner Mark Miller states in the Orlando Sentinel that public demand lower cost attractions that simply can’t fund a show of this stature.  Rather than ‘dumb it down’, Mark has elected to close the show for good on New Year’s Eve.
At $66.99 per adult ticket, the Arabian Nights, faces tough competiition from the likes of the Cirque du Soleil and the Blue Man Group.  While neither horses or meals are present at these competing amazing events, they benefit from great theme park locations and plenty of strong marketing support.

On a very positive note, Mark’s team will close the business without owing creditors.  Something that is very rare and deeply admirable in the very  brutal business world!

Good luck to Mark and his team.
For those that are interested, those beautiful horses will retire gracefully at Mark’s ranch.