Polar Plunge Participants Aquatica

Aquatica’s annual fundraiser for Special Olympics Florida is a great opportunity for guests to have fun in the name of a great cause!
On February 1st 2014, Aquatica will have dropped the wave pool temperature to a chilly ‘teeth clenching’ level especially for this event.  At just above freezing, the water definitely tests the bravery of thousands of fearless competitors each year who have so far raised $750,000 sine 2010.

The ‘Brrrrave‘ fundraisers don’t have it too bad though, one they’ve dashed into the chilly pool, they are free to enjoy the rest of the water park’s luscious landscaping and heated water thrills in that adorable Florida sunshine!

If you’d love to take part, do your bit for the Special Olympics effort, then please register as soon as possible for this crazy and cool event!
Each year, more and more participants have joined the fun, and 2014 looks set to be the biggest yet!


Some details and facts about Aquatica’s Polar Plunge fundraiser:


Q: What is the Polar Plunge?

A: Aquatica opens its gates to registered applicants for an icy dip into their wave pool, that is especially chilled down for this annual event.

Q: What are the Polar Plunge funds being raised for?

A: The Special Olympics Florida is a continuous sports program for around 25,000 Florida athletes with intellectual disabilities and relies heavily on corporate and public sponsorships and events such as the polar plunge.

Q:  When and where will the 2014 Polar Plunge be held?

A: The next Polar Plunge event will be held at 9:30am at SeaWorld’s Aquatica on February 1st 2014.

Q: How can I register for the Polar Plunge event at Aquatica?

A: Just visit this link and complete the online registration form.

Q: How much does it cost to enter the Polar Plunge event

A: Provided you raise over $100 online, entry is free to individual participants.

Q: What if I can raise more than $100 for the Polar Plunge?

A: Fantastic! The more you raise, the more SeaWorld will offer you free of charge!  You can get lots of free incentives, including water park admissions for friends, and even Discovery Cove passes!

Q: What if I can’t plunge into the cold water for health reasons?

A: No problem!  In order to participate in this amazing event, guests only need to register online and raise over $100.  You are free to enjoy the spectacle from the shoreline or have fun in the water park however you choose!

Q: I’m not in Orlando for the Polar Plunge, how can I still participate?

A: If you an’t join the event on the day as a ‘Plunger’ you are still able to register for the event as a ‘Virtual Plunger’.  Your passes and incentives will still be mailed out to you following the event!

Q: Can I bring family and friends to the Polar Plunge event?

A: Each ‘Plunger’ also receives two spectator passes for the event.  Your family can enjoy the entire water park while you take to those icy waters!

Q: Can we participate in the Polar Plunge as a team?

A: Yes, up to 5 Plungers can join your team and each raise $100

Q: How old must I be to participate in the Polar Plunge?

A: Plungers must be 14 years or over, however spectators can be any age.

Q: Are there any health restrictions for the Polar Plunge?

A: Yes, individuals with heart conditions should choose to support the Plunge as a Virtual Plunger.

Q: How do I reach out to my friends about donations for the Polar Plunge?

A: Participants will set up their own webpage during the registration process and online donations can be made by anyone in the world

Q: Where can I find the official Fact Sheet and website for the Polar Plunge?

A: Follow this link to the Polar Plunge fact sheet or visit the Polar Plunge official website


Polar plunge 2014 Aquatica

If you’d love to sponsor the official TotalOrlando Polar ‘Virtual Plunge’ Team, please follow this link and donate directly to our www.firstgiving.com/fundraiser/totalorlando page!