Ihu’s Breakaway Falls  is the brand new drop slide that’s about to debut in SeaWorld’s Aquatica water park in Orlando.
Opening May 9th, this very tall (105ft overall) drop slide with 4 spiralling rider lanes will make a big splash in the hot Springtime sunshine, much to the delight of onlookers that will listen out for ‘blood curdling screams’ as riders drop at random to the watery pool below.

This week, those ‘Breakaway boxes’ that passengers load into, in order to commence their descent were being loaded into place as momentum gathers in the construction program.
Much like any big ride, the hard work goes into the bits that you can’t see, such as the groundworks, but now we can see the fun stuff taking shape as guests say ‘Hi’ to the scary mechanism’s that will launch a million screams a year!

The ‘Breakaway boxes’ are an essential part of this ride’s thrills.
Although the ride is very tall, and includes a section with a 40ft near vertical drop that leads onto a series of four swirling 360 degree spirals, the fun is in the drop.
Four passengers load into the top section at a time, one rider can choose to ‘chicken out’ and choose to descend on their own terms, however the other three load into one of the ‘randomized breakaway boxes’ that offer no clue as to the precise drop time.
The wait can vary before the first rider is released, and the next two riders equally have no clue as to when their own box will release them.

The ride is going to prove to be irresistible for adrenalin geeks and thrill seekers and we will definitely be in the line to try this out!

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