Picking up on an earlier post of ours, SeaWorld’s Aquatica dropped a hint about its next new attraction in Orlando’s water park.

Previously billed as ‘Taller than Anything’ the new attraction has a teaser video similarly named with a clue to height.
The “Something tall is coming to Aquatica Orlando in 2014” video is stunningly short at only 10 short seconds in run time, but the clip definitely sets us straight as what to expect and when!

Looking at the video in detail we can gain only the following information about the new attraction that is heading to Aquatica Orlando:

  • The ride is a single person body slide
  • The rider is held in place in a lying down position
  • A release mechanism starts the journey
  • The rider moves quickly right away, suggesting a near vertical descent
  • The rider’s screams and laughter fade away rapidly, again suggesting a rapid near vertical descent.
  • Curiously, and we may be grasping at straws, but we hear a second loud scream from the rider, suggesting perhaps a second steep descent or other notable thrill feature.
  • The video s marked with coming in 2014

In the past we thought that the attraction was set to be a twin chute tube ride, but for now that tube has just been well and truly ‘popped’.

Whether a twin ride makes it, remains to be seen!